International Journal of Cultural Studies

Eating as a transgression: Multisensorial performativity in the carnal videos of /mukbang/ (eating shows)

by Yeran Kim (2021)

In analysing the issues of body and affect involved in the contemporary online culture including mukbang (eating shows), I propose the term ‘carnal videos’. Carnal videos are a constitutive part of the society of control in the digital environment. Through the operation of multisensorial significations in carnal videos, human networked affect is excessively expressed and experienced, along with its politico-ethical potentials of perseverance and differentiation. By exploiting and colonizing such potentials, however, human networked affect contributes to the platform companies’ ever growing capitalist drives towards the maximization of economic values. Several conflicting layers of transgression operate within mukbang. One layer involves transgression as an affective force of resistance and pleasure, the other layer involves transgression, or the control of transgression, in terms of accelerating and capturing human faculties as biolabour. These two contrasting aspects of transgression are characterized by the ambiguity, complexity, and dynamics embedded in the practice of carnal videos.

affect, biolabour, carnal videos, mukbang, sense, transgression.

Carnal videos and mukbang
The multisensorial virtualization of eating
The affective vortex of disgust in mukbang
Capturing and controlling around mukbang

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Kim, Yeran
Eating as a transgression: Multisensorial performativity in the carnal videos of /mukbang/ (eating shows).
In: International Journal of Cultural Studies 24,1 (Jan 2021, pp. 107-122.