Frames Cinema Journal 14

Making Meaning of the Visual: Space and Identity

by Darae Kim & Andrea Gelardi (eds.) (2018)

We are delighted to announce that Issue 14 of /Frames Cinema Journal/ - /Making Meaning of the Visual: Space and Identity/ is now available online at

In addition to our thematic issue, we are also proud to guest a selection of essays, in various formats, from the Institute for Global Cinema and Creative Cultures’ (IGCCC) workshop that celebrated the father of the Chinese Fifth Generations of directors, Wu Tianming, which was held at the University of St Andrews on April 9th, 2018.

This issue contains:


Letter from the Editors
   / Darae Kim and Andrea Gelardi


Video Essay: Human Trials – Cinema, Subjectivity, and the White Of/f the I
  / Padraic Killeen

Digital Places, Feminine Spaces: Scotland Re-gendered in Twenty-first Century Film
  / Emily Torricelli

Getting Hung Up on Continuity: Noisy Space in Michael Bay’s Transformers Series
  / Laurence Kent

Popeye Doyle in the Rearview Mirror: Has the POV Shot Lost its Human Identity?
  / Ted Fisher

Movie-Made Japan: Japanese Modernity and Narrative Space in Naruse Mikio's Wife! Be Like a Rose! and Every-Night Dreams
  / Michael Sooriyakumaran


The Contemporary Femme Fatale: Gender, Genre and American Cinema
  / Katherine Farrimond
Reviewed by Ana Maria Sapountzi

Popular Cinemas in East Central Europe: Film Cultures and Histories
Edited by Dorota Ostrowska, Francesco Pitassio and Zsuzsanna Varga
Reviewed by Diana Popa


Introduction: Wu Tianming at St Andrews
  / Dina Iordanova

Video Essay: Remembering Wu Tianming
  / Chris Berry

Video Essay: Wu Tianming and the Xi'an Film Studio in China
  / Peize Li

Video Essay: Tribute to Wu Tianming
  / Xie Fei

Video Essay: The Legacy of  Wu Tianming
  / Wu Guangping

In Memorial of Wu Tianming: An Anecdote and Some Notes
  / September (Quan) Liu

Tianming Wu's River Without Buoys: Socialist Realism and the Construction of the Post-Revolutionary State Ideology
   / Huimin Deng


Frames Cinema Journal 14 (Dec 2018): "Making Meaning of the Visual: Space and Identity."
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