Issue 5.2

Media Industries 5,2

by Caitriona Noonan, Annemarie Navar-Gill, Amanda D. Lotz, Ramon Lobato, Julian Thomas, et al. (2018)

Media Industries 5,2 (2018).

This issue is now live on our website and features both open call submissions and a special section on Global Internet Television edited by Amanda D. Lotz (University of Michigan), Ramon Lobato (RMIT University), and Julian Thomas (RMIT University).


Commissioning and Producing Public-Service Content: British Arts Television
   / Caitriona Noonan

The Fan/Creator Alliance: Social Media, Audience Mandates, and the Rebalancing of Power in Studio-Showrunner Disputes
   / Annemarie Navar-Gill


Internet-Distributed Television Research: A Provocation
   / Amanda D. Lotz, Ramon Lobato, Julian Thomas

HBO’s e-EUtopia
   / Aniko Imre

Web TV as a Public Service: The Case of, the East-Central European Answer to YouTube
   / Dorota Vašíčková and Petr Szczepanik

Entertaining Africans: Creative Innovation in the (Internet) Television Space
   / Lindiwe Dovey

Creating Children’s Television for SVODs: The Alignment of Global Production Practices with National Screen Policies in the Netflix Original /Bottersnikes and Gumbles/
   / Anna Potter

Netflix and the Reconfiguration of the Australian Television Market
   / Graeme Turner

Games without Frontiers: Streaming Sports and the Evolution of Digital Intermediaries
   / Steven Secular


Popular Music as Promotion: Music and Branding in the Digital Age
   / Review by Landon Palmer

(Not) Getting Paid to Do What You Love: Gender,  Social Media, and Aspirational Work
   / Review by Austin Morris

The New Gay for Pay: The Sexual Politics of American Television Production
   / Review by Kathleen Farrell

Localising Hollywood
   / Review by Ryan Stoldt

The End of Ownership: Personal Property in the Digital Economy
   / Review by Michael Van Esler

Republic on the Wire: Cable Television, Pluralism, and the Politics of New Technologies, 1948-1984
   / Review by Chuck Tryon


Media Industries 5,2 (2018).