Confessions of an Aca-Fan

Remembering UK Comics: Series Index

by William Proctor & Julia Round (2020)


As advertised in October last year. Julia Round and I have been curating a series on UK Comics for Henry Jenkins' website Confessions of an Aca-Fan. As we were publishing material often, I thought it would be productive to share a complete series index for interested scholars, which can be found here:

We'd like to thank Henry for being interested in the series, and for being so gracious in allowing us to colonize his website for the past three months or so. We'd also like to thank our contributors, who kindly gave their valuableĀ  time and energy to the topic, helping to keep the British Comics flame burning bright. Thanks to: Mel Gibson, Roger Sabin, Michael Connerty, Joan Ormrod, Dona Pursall, Dave Miller, Adam Twycross, Martin Barker. Andrew Edwards. Olivia Hicks. Zu Dominiak, John Caro, Chris Murray, David Huxley, Maggie Gray, James Chapman, and Will Brooker.

In the meantime, we hope everyone is managing as well as possible under the circumstances. Be well, stay safe, and look after one another.

Or as the godfather of British Comics Pat Mills might say: 'be pure, be vigilant, behave.'

Our very best, Billy & Julia

Dr William Proctor, PhD
Principal Academic in Film & Transmedia
Workload Planning Lead for the OVC
BU UCU Representative for the Faculty of Media and Communication
Department of Communication and Journalism
Bournemouth University