NECSUS Spring 2021_#Solidarity

by Faye Mercier, Kim Wilkins, Temenuga Trifonova, et al. (2021)

A new open access issue of NECSUS - European Journal of Media Studies is now available online. The NECSUS Spring 2021 issue offers a special article section on #Solidarity, while also containing feature articles as well as exhibition, festival and book reviews. Find the new journal issue here:



Tokyo drifters: The negotiation and regulation of generational precarity in ‘Terrace House’
   / Faye Mercier

Gentrification by genre? The Berlin rom-com
   / Kim Wilkins

Narrating the ‘Eternal City’ in ‘La Dolce Vita’ (1960) and ‘La Grande Bellezza’ (2013)
   / Temenuga Trifonova

Workshop of Potential Scholarship: Manifesto for a parametric videographic criticism
   / Alan O’Leary

Desktop documentary: From artefact to artist(ic) emotions
   / Miklós Kiss

Shot and never seen again: Videotapes as waste and merchandise in post-socialist Romania
   / Jonathan Larcher

Special Section: #Solidarity

Live-streaming for frontline and distant witnessing: A case study exploring mediated human rights experience, immersive witnessing, action, and solidarity in the Mobil-Eyes Us project
   / Sam Gregory

Sensations and solidarity: Affect, ambience, and politics in digital literary narratives
   / Shweta Khilnani

Co-creation as im/mediate/d caring and sharing in times of crises: Reflections on collaborative interactive documentary as an agile response to community needs
   / Sandra Gaudenzi, Jasmin Kermanchi, and Anna Wiehl

Living whose best life? An intersectional feminist interrogation of postfeminist #solidarity in #selfcare
   / Brianna Wiens and Shana MacDonald

The Interdependence of Care: A Conversation with The Care Collective
   / Linda Kopitz

Festival Reviews
   / edited by Marijke de Valck and Antoine Damiens

The 2020 Boston Latino International Film Festival: Continuing the fight for social justice virtually
   / Michelle Leigh Farrell

Nearby the Festival International du Film Documentaire de Saint-Louis: Rethinking proximity in times of COVID-19
   / Laura Feal and Estrella Sendra

The Human Rights Film Network: Festival resilience in the time of Covid-19
   / Mariagiulia Grassilli and Alexandra-Maria Colta

One World Human Rights Documentary Film Festival: Limits of (de)centralised management during the pandemic
   / Petra Jansa

Porn film festivals during pandemic times: San Francisco PornFilmFestival and UNCENSORED in lockdown
   / Esther Moreno Morillas

Book Reviews
   / edited by Lavinia Brydon and Victoria Pastor-González

Queering film festival studies
   / Chris Berry

Uncovering in-betweens: On photochemical practices and handmade cinema
   / Melinda Blos-Jáni

Defining the high and the low of audiovisual images: Contemporary approaches
   / Alena Strohmaier

Exhibition Reviews
   / edited by Miriam de Rosa and Leo Goldsmith

Post-cinematic spectatorship in virtual reality: Negotiating 3DoF and 6DoF in ‘Queerskins: Ark’
   / Maud Ceuterick

Turtles all the way down: The Daata Art Fair
   / Kevin Walker

Surveillance, bias, and healing through re-articulation: An interview with Paula Albuquerque on her recent solo exhibition in Amsterdam
   / Astrid Korporaal