Pop Culture Matters: Proceedings of the 39th Conference of the Northeast Popular Culture Association

by Martin F. Norden & Robert E. Weir (eds.) (2019)

- Culture -- Study and teaching -- Congresses.
- Popular culture -- Congresses.

We immerse ourselves daily in expressions of popular culture—YouTube videos, hip hop music, movies, adverts, greeting cards, videogames, and comics, to name just a few possibilities—and far too often we pay only scant critical attention to them. The essays in this collection redress this situation by probing a wide range of topics within the field of popular culture studies. Written in engaging and jargon-free prose, contributions critically examine various offerings in film, television, social media, music, literature, sports, and related areas. Moreover, they often pay special attention to the ways in which these pop culture artefacts intersect with issues of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, and ability. Providing a rich mixture of broad perspectives and in triguing case studies, the essays form a compelling mosaic of findings and viewpoints on popular culture. Exploring everything from toxic masculinity in twenty-first century television programmes to gendered greeting cards and adult colouring books, this provocative volume is essential reading for anyone interested in that fabricated and all-pervasive environment we call popular culture.

Contributors: William Price, Anthony Cirilla, Steffen Silvis, Terri Toles Patkin, Megan Genovese, James Patrick Carraghan, Jacqueline Sholes, Eren Odabasi, David Rochefort, Stanley Pelkey, Nova Seals, Victoria Parker, gary Vaspol, Geraldine Wagner, Charlee Sterling, Bilge Narin, Martin Norden, Matthew Jones, Stephanie Kolberg, Benjamin Miller, Cheryl A. Hunter, Caroline Kidd, Jennifer Drissel, Matthew Carter, Yann Descamps, Audrey Black, Eve Kornfeld, Alan Robert Ginsberg, K. A. Laity, Alexandra M. Lucas, Robert Weir.

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Pop Culture Matters: Proceedings of the 39th Conference of the Northeast Popular Culture Association.
Ed. by Martin F. Norden & Robert E. Weir.
Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2019, xiv, 327 p., 21 cm.
ISBN 9781527526938 (hb., GBP 64,99)
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