The Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory 26.1

Media [2017]

by Iain Robert Smith (2018)

This chapter reviews eight publications in film and media studies from 2017, focusing in particular on texts that address genre and its relationship with the global. Examining both monographs and edited collections, the review describes how media scholars have been interrogating the cultural politics underpinning the global circulation and adaptation of media texts within a range of specific cultural contexts. From studies of particular iterations such as Indian horror cinema or Mexican exploitation cinema through to broader discussions of cosmopolitanism and transnational exchange, the chapter explores the myriad ways in which these publications open up questions around the politics of media scholarship and the potential for intercultural dialogue.


Smith, Iain Robert
In: The Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory 26, 1 (Nov 2018), pp. 388–409.
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