Feminist Media: From the Second Wave to the Digital Age

by Claire Sedgwick (2020)

- Feminism and mass media.
- Women in mass media.
- Second-wave feminism.
- Third-wave feminism.

Feminist Media: From the Second Wave to the Digital Age analyses the relationship between second wave feminist media production and capitalism, as well as identifying the tradition that can be drawn between second wave feminism, Riot Grrrl and feminist blogging today. There has been a recent re-evaluation of the importance of second wave feminist media, demonstrated by the digitization of Spare Rib by the British Library in 2015. However, up until now, research on the magazine has been limited.
This book analyses the relationship between Spare Rib and the capitalist publishing industry, comparing it to American feminist magazine Ms. The book argues that it is important to understand the cultural economies of the magazines as this had an impact on the assumed readership of the magazines, therefore having an impact on the issues that were privileged. The second half of the book charts a crucial and often overlooked link between feminist media production in the ‘second wave’ and more contemporary forms of feminist media activism.

1. Introduction: Second Wave Feminism Media and its Contemporary Relevance
Part I: The Economics of Feminist Magazines
2. Constructing the Reader
3. Advertising Feminism: Negotiating Economics and Activism
Part II: Feminist Magazines and Historicizing the Second Wave
4. Representing Race
5. Pornography and the Politics of Sex
6. Political Engagement in Spare Rib and Ms.
Part III: After the ‘Second Wave’
7. Riot Grrrl
8. Feminist Digital Media

Claire Sedgwick is a Teaching Associate in the Department of Cultural, Media and Visual Studies, University of Nottingham, UK.


Sedgwick, Claire [1989-]
Feminist Media: From the Second Wave to the Digital Age.
Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2020, xii, 197 p., 23 cm.
ISBN 9781786610409 (hb., $120,00/GBP 92,00)
ISBN 9781786610416 (pb., $39,95/GBP 31,00)
ISBN 9781786610423 (eb., $38,00/GBP 29,00)