Film-Philosophy 23.2

Film-Philosophy and Stardom

by Lucy Bolton (ed.) (2019)


Introduction: Film-Philosophy and Stardom
   / Lucy Bolton

And That I See a Darkness: The Stardom of Kirsten Dunst in Collaboration with Sofia Coppola in Three Images
   / Anna Backman Rogers

Sonority, Difference and the Schwarzenegger Star Body
   / Gábor Gergely

“Our Bravest and Most Beautiful Soldier”: Pola Negri, Wartime and the Gendering of Anxiety in Hotel Imperial
   / Elisabetta Girelli

Greta Gerwig's Gestures: Agamben in the Land of Stardom
   / Janet Harbord

Animation and the Star Body
   / Julie Lobalzo Wright


Janet Harbord (2016) Ex-Centric Cinema: Giorgio Agamben and Film Archaeology
   / William Brown

Elena del Río (2016) The Grace of Destruction: A Vital Ethology of Extreme Cinemas
   / Oliver Kenny

Scott C. Richmond (2016) Cinema's Bodily Illusions: Flying, Floating and Hallucinating
   / Joseph Jenner

James Harvey (2018) Jacques Rancière and the Politics of Art Cinema
   / Alice Pember


Film-Philosophy 23,2 (2019): Film-Philosophy and Stardom.