Podcast: Aca-Media #54: Always Time for Humane TV (and: "Talking Television in a Pandemic")

by Aca-Media (2020)

The start of something(s) new! Aca-Media continues remote broadcasting and introduces two new series for your listening – and streaming? – pleasure. First is a sneak peek of “Talking Television in a Pandemic,” a new series launching right here on Aca-Media, where television scholars Hunter Hargraves, Lynne Joyrich, and Brandy Monk-Payton discuss what it means to watch TV during the pandemic. Touching on everything from epistemology to pedagogy, this series will launch right here in your podcast feed, so don’t miss it! And not to be outdone, Chris begins an exciting new segment of Aca-Media and starts interviewing this year’s SCMS Award Winners, giving them a chance to claim the spotlight! This time we talk with Alisa Lebow, Patrick Brown, and Eliza Steinbock about their innovative and exciting scholarship and media projects.

"Talking Television in a Pandemic" is a five-episode podcast series featuring scholars who will explore issues of epistemology, ideology, phenomenology, technology, and pedagogy in TV and TV Studies: how we are watching and feeling during these times, how TV is changing technologically and politically, how we think through TV and how we teach it. Have a question that you want the podcast to address? Please email us at or use the hashtag #talktvinapandemic on Twitter. You can also join and submit questions to the Aca-Media group on Facebook

New episodes of “Talking Television in a Pandemic" will download automatically for Aca-Media subscribers and will also be available to stream at


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