Volupté: Interdisciplinary Journal of Decadence Studies

Decadence and Cinema

by David Weir (guest ed.) (2019)

Colleagues may be interested in this special issue of the Open Access online journal Volupté, focussed on decadence and cinema.
It offers the first extended exploration of cinema in the cultural context of decadence, both literary and social, from the silent era to the late twentieth century. Through analysis of films from six national cinemas (Italian, British, German, American, Polish, and Greek), the issue establishes the cinematic resonance of decadence as a cultural phenomenon of global dimensions. Among the films discussed: Mario Caserini’s Ma l’amor mio non muore [Love Everlasting] (1913), Alla Nazimova’s Salomé (1922), Alfred Hitchcock’s The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog (1927), Paul Czinner’s Fräulein Else (1929), Henryk Szaro’s Mocny człowiek [The Powerful Man] (1929), Robert Freeman’s The Touchables (1968), Michael Sarne’s Myra Breckinridge (1970), and Nikos Nikolaidis’ Singapore Sling (1990).

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Preface from the Editor-in-Chief

   / Jane Desmarais

Necrocinephilia, or, The Death of Cinema and the Love of Film: An Introduction by the Guest Editor
   / David Weir


Acting Aestheticism, Performing Decadence: The Cinematic Fusion of Art and Life
   / Michael Subialka

Decadence on the Silent Screen: Stannard, Coward, Hitchcock, and Wilde 
   / Kate Hext

In the Name of the Father: Paul Czinner’s Fräulein Else and the Fate of the Neue Frau
   / Alcide Bava

The Powerful Man: Young-Poland Decadence in a Film by Henryk Szaro
   / Weronika Szulik

Wrestling with Decadence: The Touchables (1968) and Swinging London Cinema of the 1960s
   / Richard Farmer and Melanie Williams

In the Shambles of Hollywood: The Decadent Trans Feminine Allegory in Myra Breckinridge
   / Ainslie Templeton

Decadence and the Necrophilic Intertext of Film Noir: Nikos Nikolaidis’ Singapore Sling
   / Kostas Boyiopoulos

Alla Nazimova’s Salomé: Shot-by-Shot
   / David Weir


Elliptical Thinking: Planetary Patterns of Thought in De Profundis
   / Amelia Hall

Apuleius and the Esoteric Revival: An Ancient Decadent in Modern Times
   / Graham John Wheeler


Kate Hext and Alex Murray (eds), Decadence in the Age of Modernism (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2019)
   / Natasha Ryan

Gregory Mackie, Beautiful Untrue Things (University of Toronto Press, 2019)
   / Sandra Leonard

‘Gluttony, Decadence, and Resistance, Embodied’, Cinema Rediscovered, Watershed, Bristol, 25-28 July 2019
   / Tara Judah


Notes on Contributors.


Volupté: Interdisciplinary Journal of Decadence Studies 2,2 (Winter 2019):
"Decadence and Cinema". Guest ed. by David Weir.
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