Journal of Contemporary Ethnography

Visual Methods in Ethnography

by Lisa-Jo K. van den Scott (2018)

Several cross-currents flow today within ethnographic practices. Tensions between fetishization and innovation abound and many ethics boards are increasingly averse to ethnography. At the same time, grounded theory has gained favor both within Sociology and in other areas, such as Nursing and Education. This special issue focuses on one way in which researchers are innovating within the method of ethnography, attending to the visual in sometimes old and sometimes new ways. In the past, this attention to the visual has largely been rooted in Anthropology and, for Sociologists, the Chicago School. Today, however, [...]


van den Scott, Lisa-Jo K.
Visual Methods in Ethnography.
In: Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 47, 6 (2018), pp. 719-728.
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