Journal of Contemporary Ethnography

Visual Methods in Ethnography

by Lisa-Jo K. van den Scott (2018)

Several cross-currents flow today within ethnographic practices. Tensions between fetishization and innovation abound and many ethics boards are increasingly averse to ethnography.


Cultural Metamorphoses in Contemporary Italian Cinema

by Roberta Di Carmine (2018)

- Motion pictures -- Italy -- History -- 21st century.
- Emigration and immigration in motion pictures.
- Social change in motion pictures.


The Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory 26.1

Media [2017]

by Iain Robert Smith (2018)



Journal of French Language Studies

Remake cinématographique, remake phonologique? La (non-)réalisation du schwa dans "Marius" 1931 et 2013

by Luis Jansen (2018)

- MARIUS (FR 1931, Alexandre Korda, 1893–1956).
- MARIUS (FR 2013, Daniel Auteuil, 1950-).


Short Fiction in Theory & Practice

Beyond cinema: Daphne du Maurier’s intermedial experiments in ‘The Little Photographer’ (1952)

by Christine Reynier (2018)

Among the short stories du Maurier wrote, ‘The Birds’ and ‘Don’t Look Now’ stand out. The first has famously been singled out by Alfred Hitchcock and the second by Nicolas Roeg for their respective film adaptations.


Cosmopolitan Intimacies: Malay Film Music of the Independence Era

by Adil Johan (2018)

- Motion picture music -- Singapore -- 20th century -- History and criticism.
- Motion picture music -- Malaysia -- 20th century -- History and criticism.
- Malays (Asian people) -- Singapore -- Music -- History and criticism.