Data and model sustainability of 3D projects - Roundtable, RSA 2023

San Juan, Puerto Rico (9.-11.3.2023), 8. August 2022.

The Renaissance Society of America

Call for Papers

CFP: RSA 2023, San Juan, March 9-11 2023


Data and model sustainability of 3D projects

Data sustainability in Digital Humanities projects is an ever growing topic. Every method has distinguished problems to deal with. This roundtable wants to investigate the issues related to 3-dimensional projects, which are particularly complex. How can we preserve and guarantee access to 3D models, point clouds, meshes, photogrammetry, polygon modelling, and much else?

Do we need to preserve every level of the data structure, in order to archive the data history, for example with parametric software? Is it important to reconstruct the whole process of the project, or can it be sufficient and even desirable to preserve only the geometric information of the result, the final model (not talking about scientific metadata and annotations etc. here)? This means to limit ourselves to a complete – virtual – replication of the historic hardware and software. But doing so, we also limit data interoperability, which becomes a problem in the future, also in terms of guaranteeing permanent access. What needs to be the central question concerning the data: preserving (comparable to cultural heritage preservation), or the ergonomic usability (comparable to renovation and extension of historic buildings)?

We welcome proposals in any of the directions regarding data and model sustainability of 3D projects.

Please send your proposal and a short CV to Angela Dressen ( ) and Dominik Lengyel ( ) by August 8, 2022.  Speakers must be members of the RSA by the time of the conference.

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