Live Xinema Festival IV 2022

ONLINE, 23. September 2022.

Live Cinema IV: Live Xinema

Due to poor ticket sales and the knock-on effect of the bank holiday next week on everyone’s schedules and commitments, we have taken the decision to move this event online for a full day on Friday 23rd September. This will enable all of our speakers to fully participate and opens up the opportunity to engage a much wider audience. It has also enabled us to consolidate a very exciting programme which includes a diverse range of talks and panel discussions, including a key note from Sarah Ellis, Director of Digital Development at Royal Shakespeare Company entitled ‘The future of liveness through innovation in performance and its audiences.’

The new programme can be found here:

The event will now be free to attend but booking is essential, please register here:

Registrations will close at 4pm on Thursday 22nd September.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Professor Liz Evans (she/her)
Professor of Screen Cultures & Director of Teaching

Department of Cultural, Media and Visual Studies
University of Nottingham
Room B54, Trent Building
University Park
Nottingham, NG7 2RD



Live Xinema Festival 2022 – Call for Participation

Building on the successes of the *Live Cinema Conference* held at King’s College London in 2016, the *Live Cinema Summit* at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2018, and our online event *Live Cinema III: The ReOpening* in September 2020, *Live Cinema* is back with a new festival of research and innovation exploring the role of hybridity in the future of cinema. During the Global Covid-19 pandemic, many artists, performers and venues turned to online presentation as necessity to work, and consequently while local audiences often shrunk, global audiences, even for local performances, expanded greatly. As the world returns to a new normal, what lessons are there to learn? From increasing access physically, socially and financially, to forcing engagement with new technologies, the response to the pandemic shifted working practices, the question we are left with is whether they will simply shift back, or readjust once more to a new model of hybridity that preserves and enhances the best of both worlds.

To reflect on this challenge, *Live Xinema 2022* will take place in hybrid form, as a physical event at *Broadway Cinema Nottingham,* and in a new 3D virtual events platform called bubbles. Xinema 2022 will address artistic and technological advances in the field of live cinema, and film screenings augmented through live or immersive elements, including site-specific locations, technological intervention and digital participation. This festival will profile the growing prominence of live and hybrid cinema phenomena within the global film experience economy and will highlight contemporary artistic and technological innovation as well as situating these current phenomena within their appropriate historical contexts.

The festival will take place over three days from the 21st and 23rd September and will feature cutting edge academic research, master classes, workshops, a programme of screenings, panels, Q & A sessions and world premieres of exclusive live events.

    Synchronous Live Demos

We are currently seeking in-person contributions for the *exhibition and demonstrations programme* which will run across the week. We are looking to showcase experimental projects, tools and technologies that are exploring/liveness/ in relation to contemporary experience design including (but not limited to):

  * *New Screen Technologies*: VR, AR, XR, 3D, Motion Capture, public
    screens, mobile devices;
  * *Immersion*: Second screens, dome screens, CAVE VR, accessible,
    sensory and inclusive technologies and experiences;
  * *Haptics and embodied interfaces:* tactile experiences and feedback,
    wearables, gestural interfaces, visual tactile integration and
    proprioceptive devices;
  * *Interactivity*: real-time responsive systems, branching
    narratives, adaptive experiences, open story worlds, play streaming,
    location-based content, virtual agents;
  * *Affective Computing*: brain-computer interfaces, eye tracking, face
    recognition, emotion recognition, GSR and heartrate monitoring,
    natural language processing;

    Asynchronous Demos

We are also seeking online contributions for the *exhibition and demonstrations programme* that can be delivered asynchronously in our 3D world. Sharing the same topics as the live demos, these might include: Videos, Posters, 3D models/sculptures, Pre-recorded talks etc.

In all cases, Potential contributors should submit a 200 word abstract and a short 100 biography to xinema22@gmail.comby 28th July. Decisions will be sent out on week commencing 8th August.

/Xinema IV/ is a collaboration between Live Cinema UK, Live Cinema Network, King’s College London and the Department of Cultural, Media and Visual Studies and the Mixed Reality Lab at the University of Nottingham.For further information contact Professor Kennedy, Department of Cultural, Media and Visual Studies at the University of Nottingham.