Summer school: Ecogames. Games and Play in Sustainability Awareness, Communication and Action

Utrecht, Netherlands (29.8.- 2.9.2022), 9. August 2022.

Ecogames. Games and Play in Sustainability Awareness, Communication and Action (29th Aug. - 2nd Sep. 2022)
Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands

With the impending climate crisis and its short-term repercussions becoming more ‘tangible’ every year, popular media and especially games - both digital and analogue - are increasingly drawing attention as possible solutions for climate education, communication and action. The summer course builds on and contributes to a growing body of scholarship that explores this phenomenon, situating it within the broader field of environmental humanities and ‘green media’ studies. We investigate how ‘ecogames’ complement existing ecomedia (e.g. film, television, photography, performance or music) and approach the study and societal application of ecogames from a variety of research traditions, including the humanities, social sciences, sustainability studies, economics and creative practice research.

For that purpose, the summer school brings together leading researchers in the field of ecogames from the universities of Warsaw (Poland), Manchester (UK), Cologne and Bochum (Germany), Aalborg/Copenhagen (Denmark), Oslo (Norway), Maribor (Slovenia), Olomouc (Czech Republic) and Utrecht (Netherlands). Each day is dedicated to a different theme/methodology, ranging from ecocritical game analysis (day 1), scenario-planning games (day 2), ecogame production and reception (day 3) over metagaming (eco)practices (day 4) to ecogame aesthetics (day 5), which also includes more recent playful technologies like VR installations.

The course is aimed at students (from ambitious BA and MA/MSc students to PhD candidates) as well as members of private and public sector institutions (companies, NGOs, activist groups etc.) that may already utilize games or gamified systems for environmental communication, education and action, or simply aim to better understand how and when to use them.

IMPORTANT: We currently plan to organize the summer school on location in Utrecht; if physically attending is impossible, e.g. due to Covid-related regulations in August/September or other reasons, we will offer a hybrid event (at a reduced course fee) with the option to join digitally via MS Teams. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until August 9th, 2022.

For more information (including a tentative program) and to apply online, visit


Dr. Stefan Werning |


1,5 ECTS credits (whether this is extracurricular or can be used for curricular credit, e.g. as a tutorial, is determined by your home university) + certificate of attendance


€ 300 | Covers administrative costs, course materials and catering (light lunches and hot/cold drinks as well as a welcome dinner).