ARMIC: Artistic Research for the Moving Images to Come 2022

on Zoom (2.-4.3.22), 4. March 2022.


Pompeu Fabra University has initiated the possibility of pursuing doctoral studies in Communication from the perspective of applied practical research. This new possibility in the academic field allows a wide use of applied methodologies to achieve and speculate new forms of knowledge that break with the prevailing written format. It also favors and broadens relationships, transfers and reflects critically about knowledge in the processes of doctoral research in connection with other institutions, professional fields or cultural and artistic industries.

From this new innovative possibility, we consider it necessary to create a space that can allow debate, dialogue, reflection and critical thinking about the meaning of artistic research. New starting points from which to exchange and expand the vision and concepts that address this format or method of research so little traveled in our country from the field of the moving image and film.

Artistic research as an independent form of research through the arts is generating its own languages, using its own tools, following its own criteria with many exciting experiences in foreign universities. With these sessions organized at UPF we seek to put academics and artists or filmmakers in dialogue to learn about these modes of research and its many possibilities. The sessions are aimed at students, researchers, PhDs, artists and filmmakers interested in artistic research in the media and film studies field.

    Bios of participants

Joana is a filmmaker and writer from Portugal. She received a PhD in Film and Visual Studies and Critical Media Practice from the Department of Visual and Environmental Studies at Harvard University. She has previously taught at Harvard and Rutgers Universities, and she is currently a Visiting Lecturer – Harvard College Fellow in the Department of Visual and Environmental Studies at Harvard. She is also interim Director of the Film Study Center and Graduate Director of Critical Media Practice.

Xavier Nueno is a researcher, writer, and fellow PhD candidate in the Department of Art, Film and Visual Studies at Harvard University. He is founder of Instituto de investigaciones independientes. Among his research interests are the social history of statistics and quantification, media theory, and documentary practices. He prepares a dissertation titled, “The Statistical Order of Knowledge. Science Statistics and the Privatization of University research”.

Artist, filmmaker, PhD in Cinema Studies at New York University and professor in FILM at the University of Gothenburg. Her film practice includes film as a research mode and her interest includes artistic research in film pedagogy. She has made critically acclaimed films in multiple genres and her installation work draws from cinematic traditions but is often re-contextualized for galleries and museums that are outside of the linear cinematic experience. Her current research focus is on decolonial practices with archives and indigeneity.

Professor and head of the Research Group (Lectoraat) ‘Research in and through Cinema Practices’ at the Netherlands Film Academy of the Amsterdam University of the Arts. Having studied philosophy and psychology before bidding farewell to the academic world to pursue a career in journalism - as chief editor of a film journal (Skrien) - and policy making - as Secretary of Film and Media Education at the Netherlands Council for Culture, she was approached in 2008 to design a Master’s Degree Programme in Film. She was the head of this programme, ‘Artistic Research in and through Cinema’, until September 2021.

Independent artist, filmmaker and researcher whose practice investigates the relationship between culture and nature by means of analogue and organic process, experiment and co-creation. He studied Fine Arts at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, in Arnhem, the Netherlands, graduating in 1990. In the same year he co-founded Studio één, a DIY film laboratory.  From 2001 until 2012 he was board member of Filmbank, a foundation dedicated to the promotion and distribution of experimental film and video in the Netherlands (now part of EYE Filmmuseum). In 2017, he received a PhD from the University of the Arts London. During his research he developed ‘phytography’ a technique that combines plants and photochemical emulsion. He has employed this technique to investigate how culture and meaning can be shared between the human and the vegetal realm. In his thesis he proposes new forms of humility, doubt and listening to be advanced in today’s overconfident and exploitative human culture.

Sofie Benoot (Bruges, 1985) lives and works in Brussels. Her films are patchworks of different stories, carefully assembled to reveal hidden connections. Fronterismo (2007), Blue Meridian(2010) and Desert Haze (2014) played at internationally renowned film festivals such as Visions du Réel (Switzerland), Camden International Film Festival (USA), Torino Film Festival (Italy), Doclisboa (Portugal) and BAFICI (Argentina). Benoot teaches in the Master's programme and Doc Nomads at LUCA School of Arts in Brussels. Together with Liesbeth De Ceulaer and Isabelle Tollenaere, she directed Victoria (2020), which premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in the Forum programme and won the Caligari Prize.