ICA (Paris 2022) Panel about Food Traditions and TikTok

Paris, France (26.-30.5.2022), 24. September 2021.

Call for Abstracts: ICA (Paris 2022) Panel about Food Traditions and TikTok

Diana Willis / University at Albany, dwillisbottomley@albany.edu

I am searching for three panelists to join me for a session tentatively titled “CookTok: Exploring The Culinary Past on TikTok,” which I plan to submit to the Popular Culture and Media Division at ICA 2022 (Paris).

TikTok is changing the way people engage with food and food culture. While wildly successful at offering up new recipes and innovative food trends, TikTok is also reframing how we think about our culinary past—not only in the United States, but around the world. From showcasing Depression-era vintage recipes to Indigenous Australian soul food and hand-me-down family recipes, TikTok users are using the platform to educate and inspire. And as food is tied to personal identity, this exploration of old, often forgotten food traditions and practices is helping new generations connect with their cultural and ethnic roots on a global scale.

If interested, please respond to the Google form by the end of day, Friday, September 24, 2021. Per the division’s guidelines, please send a 150-word abstract and a brief biography/qualifications (<100 words) for your proposed paper.

You may email me your abstract and bio or use the following link to submit your abstract via Google Forms.