Streaming #MeToo: Rape Culture in American Television

Ed. collection, 15. September 2021.


Streaming #MeToo: 
Rape Culture in American Television
Edited by Ralph Beliveau and Lisa Funnell

The #MeToo movement has drawn attention to the prevalence of sexual violence in professional, public, and private spaces. While many have courageously come forward to share their stories, a lot of attention has been directed towards high(er) profile women of Hollywood who have described their experiences working in an industry that has historically safeguarded predators while silencing survivors. Moreover, Hollywood films themselves, the products of said industry, also convey some troublesome messages about gender, sex, consent, and power that strongly influence popular consciousness. This is the subject of our forthcoming book Screening #MeToo: Rape Culture in Hollywood (SUNY Press 2022).

A consideration of the pervasive nature of sexual violence in American culture needs to be expanded to include the television industry. Our follow-up anthology, Streaming #MeToo: Rape Culture in American Television, will explore sexual violence in terms of television content and its production context. While we are interested in chapters on popular topics like rape narratives in series like Game of Thrones and Jessica Jones, our goal is to develop an expansive collection that explores sexual violence across a range of eras, platforms, genres, and production contexts.

We welcome papers that explore sexual violence across various platforms:

     * network television of any era
     * specialty channels like HBO and Showtime
     * streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon

We welcome papers that discuss any facet of sexual assault, coercion, and harassment across a range of genres including but not limited to:

     * true crime
     * detective shows
     * news media
     * sports media
     * various non-fiction genres
     * documentaries and mini-series
     * made-for-TV movies
     * reality TV

We welcome papers that analyze various figures that have contributed to or challenged rape culture:

     * studio heads and show runners
     * directors
     * stars/actors
     * other media workers, especially focused on power relationships in the TV and streaming industries

We are particularly interested in papers that examine sexual violence enacted by or against marginal/minority groups:

     * women
     * people of color, BIPOC
     * LGBTQIA+ individuals
     * working class
     * immigrants
     * incarcerated individuals
     * people with disabilities 

Please submit a 250 word abstract along with a brief author bio to Ralph Beliveau ( by September 15, 2021. Please direct any questions or inquiries to either of these email addresses as well.