Masterclass: Changing the business of film and TV distribution: what's coming over the next ten years?

Online via Zoom (17:00 BST), 4. May 2021.

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Another upcoming film industries masterclass has just been confirmed: Ben Johnson (Gruvi) will join us on 4th May at 17:00 BST via Zoom to present "Changing the business of film and TV distribution: what's coming over the next ten years?". More details - below:

The COVID pandemic has caused irreversible changes to the film and TV landscape, but in many ways it simply acted as a catalyst: change was inevitable, it just might not have come around so quickly. Now, the consumer has never had more choice in terms of the sheer range film and TV shows available - there is more to watch than anyone can possibly get through in their lifetime. The choices of exactly WHAT to watch and WHERE to watch it are going to shape the next ten years: cinemas will be competing not just with each other but with terrestrial TV, ad-funded streaming video, subscription-funded streaming video, user-generated content, social media, video games, etc. In this masterclass Ben Johnson will show how film and TV distribution has got to where it has today, and will use that knowledge to offer some insights into what the next decade may hold.

Ben is CEO of Gruvi, an online marketing agency that specialises in promoting theatrical and digital film releases around the globe. He presents the twice weekly film business news show “That’s Entertainment” (available via LinkedIn and YouTube) and is a regular contributor to leading industry conferences, panels and webinars. Gruvi provides data driven research and the latest tools and techniques to establish exactly who has a proven interest in each title they promote: the size of the audience, their demographic, what topics and themes they are discussing around the release, and the social media platforms and websites they engage with. Perfectly targeted programmatic ads reach those people across those channels, and allow Gruvi to predict just how likely that audience is to engage with the ad campaign, and ultimately make the choice to purchase.

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