Sensous Photography - panel, SECAC 2021

Lexington, KY, USA (10.-13.11.2021), 4. May 2021.

Sensous Photography: Calls for Conference Papers/Abstracts due 5/4 for Nov 10-13, 2021 conference

Scholarly analysis of photography’s history in recent decades has begun to shift from an ocular-centric focus to consider photography’s engagement with other senses. This shift expands interpretation beyond an idealized (and often implicitly white male) perspective towards an interest in how diversely embodied individuals receive photographs. This panel seeks to explore examples of ways photographs engage senses and embodied experiences, especially of diverse audiences. How do photographs appeal to sensory effects like scent to activate memory? What are photographic rhythms and sounds? In what ways does a photograph’s tactile materiality impact its reception? In addition to historical accounts of the importance of the senses for photography, this panel also welcomes artists who wish to present their own contemporary examples of sensuous, embodied photographic practice.

Seeking conference papers for the panel "Sensuous Photography" at SECAC's annual conference in Lexington, KY from Nov 10-13, 2021. See more info here, and apply by clicking the "Call for Papers" icon in the upper right of the screen:  Abstracts due 5/4

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Mary Trent, College of Charleston
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