Let's Talk Screenwriting! - Showrunners and writers’ rooms in European television production

Utrecht, via Zoom (12.4.2021), 9. April 2021.

Let's Talk Screenwriting!

Showrunners and writers’ rooms in European television production 
12 April 2021, 11am CET

In the last few years television producers across Europe started to implement writers’ rooms where stories are collectively developed and written. However, there are significant differences from country to country: not only did they emerge at different moments in time, their acceptance within the industry and their working practices also differ significantly.

Eva Novrup Redvall (University of Copenhagen) and Florian Krauß (University of Siegen) will present their research on writers’ rooms in Denmark and Germany and discuss their findings with Michael Leendertse (Winchester McFly) who set up one of the first writers’ room in the Netherlands. Why are writers’ rooms so productive? How much do practices in national production cultures vary? And where do these differences come from?

Eva Novrup Redvall (University of Copenhagen)
Florian Krauß (University of Siegen)
Michael Leendertse (Screenwriter/Winchester McFly, Amsterdam)

Chair: Hanna Surma (Utrecht University)

This event is organized by the Media Industries, Infrastructures and Institutions (MI3) research initiative of the Media and Culture Studies department at Utrecht University. It is part of the Let’s Talk Screenwriting! online discussion series that focuses on Algorithms, Writers’ Rooms and Gender Stereotypes. The series bring media scholars and screenwriters together to discuss the current role of algorithms and data analytics in European screen production, why writers’ rooms are revolutionizing screenwriting processes in Europe and what screenwriters can do to avoid gender stereotypes.

If you are interested in attending, please register before 9 April by sending an e-mail to: t.m.sleebos@uu.nl