Screening Immigration in Nordic TV

Turku, Finland (16.3.2021), 15. January 2021.

panel, The Narrative and Violence 2021 Winter Symposium, Turku/FI, 16.3.21

Call for Panel Abstracts

The Narrative and Violence 2021 Winter Symposium, "Narrating Violence: Making Race, Making Difference" invites abstracts for 20-minute papers for the panel:

“Screening Immigration in Nordic Television”

This panel seeks to explore how immigrant-themed narratives are constructed in contemporary Nordic television. There has been a growing interest in the transnational direction of Nordic screen culture, owing much to the international success of Nordic noir and its saturation in the international markets. In particular, shows like /Forbrydelsen/The Killing/ (2007-2012) and /Broen/Bron/The Bridge/ (2011- 2018) have helped to foster the region’s now formidable reputation for incisive, political and, above all, ‘quality’ drama.

Over the last two decades, an abundance of Nordic narratives featuring subjects like ‘ethnic Otherness’, immigration and the politics of multiculturalism have emerged. Many examples have gained a cultural foothold with support from a range of international broadcasters like the BBC, through to industry giants like Netflix, reinforcing the reach and cultural relevance of these shows. Offerings such as recent Danish drama /DNA/ (2019- ), Iceland's /Ófærð/Trapped /(2015 -) and Swedish thriller /Blå ögon/Blue Eyes/ (2014-2015) appear, on the surface, to be explicitly concerned with contemporary immigrant politics.

However, many of these shows reflect wider ideological shifts in the political landscape where immigration has become a shorthand way of expressing a crisis of ‘Nordic’ identity. This is especially as conflicting positions on immigration have challenged perceived ideas about Nordic exceptionalism. This panel seeks a range of perspectives on these themes aiming to scrutinise how Nordic television has exposed a small region wrestling with the impact of globalisation.

Deadline for 300-word abstracts: 15 January 2021

Panel Date: 16th March 2021

Location: University of Turku, Finland

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