Nakedness in the Picaresque and Celestinesque Worlds

New York, NY, USA, (3.-5.6.2020), 15. February 2020.

Call for Papers

Date: February 15, 2020

The representation of nakedness, total or partial, in the picaresque and celestinesque literature and its sequels, as well as in paintings, movies, etc. In a period in which the "savage" was described as naked, being naked in Spain may have had complex meanings beyond those of class and gender (poverty, eroticism, innocence, etc.).

This panel will occur at the inaugural meeting of CELPYC: Círculo de Estudios de la Literatura Picaresca y Celestinesca, taking palce at the City College University of New York, New York, 3-5 June 2020.

Send 200 word proposals and a brief biography in either Spanish or English to Lauren Beck ( by February 15, 2020

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