Experimental Cinema/Video art/New Media from Ukraine

Journal issue, 15. September 2019.

Call for Papers

Proposals: 15th of September

Papers due: 15th of November

As part of its Ukraine focus 2019, the East European Film Bulletin is preparing a special issue on moving-image art, including experimental cinema, video art, and new media.

We are looking for essay-length contributions that should discuss current and past trends of these art forms in Ukraine (or of Ukrainian artists abroad) and/or contributions that focus on the work(s) of a particular artist.

We are particularly interested in discussions on the work(s) of: Ihor Podolchak, Alexander Isaenko, Elias Parvulesco, Oksana Chepelyk, Stanislav Bytiutskyi, Mykola Ridnyi, Dmytro Bondarchuk, Stas Volyazlovsky, Max Afansyev, Igor & Viacheslav Pareniuk.

Publications should be in English. However, translations for Ukrainian scholars are possible.

Proposals should be sent to editors@eefb.org by Sunday, 15th of September 2019. A selection of the published papers is scheduled to be republished as part of a print edition of our regional focus on Ukraine in 2020.

Stylistic guidelines for essays published in our journal can be found here: https://eefb.org/contribute/.

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