Journal issue, 7. August 2020.

Invitation for Articles on “Anomaly” – forthcoming special issue in M/C Journal

A Journal of Media and Culture

Anomaly: something different, abnormal, peculiar, not easily classified or classifiable; a deviation; a detour. Something out of time and out of place.

Cultural commodification has resulted in the convergence and displacement of traditional boundaries, genres, and media, altering the expectations of users and producers, changing the very fabric of textuality itself. Enter the outsider of the hybrid, interactive, interstitial; forms and platforms that trouble not only traditional boundaries but traditional modes and concepts of authorship. Within an expanding economy of media, we are prompted also to return to earlier genres in order to better annotate their metamorphoses. Taking Roberto Schwarz’s (1977) contention that “forms are the abstract of specific social relationships” as a possible point of enquiry, we would like to engage in a critical investigation on the politics of form and the form of politically-valent works. We invite contributions that engage with a wide spectrum of cultural productions through areas of investigation that might include:

-  hybrid forms engaging across media
-  glocal and transnational creative industries (production, distribution, reception)
-  (mis)understanding(s) in/of transnational media
-  inter/nationalism of popular culture
-  productive instabilities: noise, interferences, and interruptions
-  glitch art
-  the presentation/performance of disappearance
-  dislocation as dissemination
-  alternative sub-cultures
-  interactive and collaborative authorship
-  (dis)possessions of AI
-  mediatic hapax
-  distortion and/as subversion
-  hyperlinked narratives (gone astray)

Prospective contributors should email an abstract of 100-250 words and a brief biography to the issue editors. Abstracts should include the article title and should describe your research question, approach, and argument. Biographies should be about three sentences (maximum 75 words) and should include your institutional affiliation and research interests. Articles should be 3000 words (plus bibliography). All articles will be double-blind refereed and must adhere to MLA style (6th edition).


    Article deadline: 7 Aug. 2020
    Release date: 7 Oct. 2020
    Editors: Chris Campanioni and Giancarlo Lombardi

Send any enquiries to anomaly@journal.media-culture.org.au

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