On Ridley Scott’s Gladiator: In Recognition of the Twentieth Anniversary of the Film

Ed. collection, 15. August 2019.

CALL FOR BOOK CHAPTERS ON RIDLEY SCOTT’S GLADIATOR: In Recognition of the Twentieth Anniversary of the Film

Vernon Press invites chapter proposals on the theme: “A Hero Will Endure”: Essays on the Twentieth Anniversary of Gladiator for an edited collection. All areas of study, with a common goal of representing the cultural and material impact of the film since its release in May 2000.

Martin M. Winkler edited a collection about Gladiator regarding its historical and media aspects. There are also several single essays about psychological (Skweres), political, or cultural issues related to the film. Nevertheless, there have been no other collections on the cultural and social impact of the film since its release. With the twentieth anniversary approaching in 2020, the time is right for presenting new insights about this award-winning film.

* Depictions of the environment in the film
* Depictions of nonhuman animals in the film (i.e. tigers)
* Insights and innovative interpretations of characters besides Maximus (Commodus, Juba, Proximo, Gracchus, the senators, Lucilla, Lucius Verus)

Other topics that will still be considered include:

* The impact of the film on classical studies/students
* The impact of the film on the academic curriculum
* Material aspects of fandom (posters, collectibles)
* The endurance of certain images/themes from the filmCall for Papers

* The film on social media
* Changes in the way of perceiving the film over time
* The effect of Gladiator on other epic/award-winning films
* Cosplay and convention events

Deadline for proposals: August 15, 2019

Deadline for first drafts: Dec 31, 2019

How to submit your proposal
Please submit one-page abstracts/proposals to rachel.carazo@snhu.edu including a short biographical note.

Information also available on: https://vernonpress.com/proposal/36/1f30d17f8784226a6a1f4b6e6f874cf6