Besides the Screen 2019: Graphic Intelligences & Algorithmic Fictions

Espírito Santo & São Paulo, Brazil (9.-15.9.2019), 9. September 2019.

Besides the Screen 2019: Graphic Intelligences & Algorithmic Fictions (Espírito Santo/São Paulo, Brazil, 9.-15.9.2019)

I'm happy to inform that the full programme of the next Besides the Screen conference - Graphic Intelligences & Algorithmic Fictions - is now available at

The event takes GPUs' cultural and economic centrality as an excuse to explore cinema's technological proximity with graphics processing, data visualisation, virtual reality, videogames, and neural network training. There will be lectures, research panels, workshops, theatrical screenings, and a gallery exhibition of executable movies and VR experiences.

With keynotes by Fabrizio Poltronieri (De Montfort University), Virginia Crisp (King's College London), Serife Wong (Icarus Salon), Kevin B. Lee (Merz Akademie), Alan Warburton, Luiz Velho (IMPA), Vida de Oliveira (Cegonha) and Alberto Ferreira de Souza (UFES).

And works by Forensic Architecture, Terence Broad, Kishi Yuma, Fabrizio Poltronieri, Ctrl+Shift+Face, The girl who talks to AI, Refik Anadol, David OReilly, Nikita Diakur, Andreas Nicolas Fischer, John Butler, Mikhail Maksimov, Simon Cristoph Krenn, Alan Warburton, Santiago Vela, Barbara Cani, James William, Eli Ayres, Mickael Le Goff, Joerg Hurschler, Thomas Hawranke, Allister Gall, Tivon Rice, Oliver Poppert, Espen Tversland, Greg Marshall, PolakVanBekkun, Jonathan Kelham, Paul Jacques Yves Guilbert, Mayank Modi and Tanya Jaiswal, Nicola Gastaldi, Jeremy Bessoff, Michael Lyons, Katherine Balsley, Vera Sebert, Emilio Hernandez Cortes and Tonalli R. Nakamura, Patrick Lichty, Jorge Mario Zuleta, Toni Mitjanit, Jeroen Cluckers, Rodrigo Faustini, Laurel Beckman, Lou Watson, Maria Constanza Ferreira, Angela Ferraiolo, Shannon Meilak, Kathleen Loock, Milad Tangshir, Erik Ely, Catherine Gough-Brady, Chloé Galibert-Laîné, Lucas Bambozzi, Greyory Blake, Anca Serbanescu, Shane Denson, Kevin B. Lee, Zach Blas, Yazan Khalil, Alice Dagalarrondo, Louis Henderson, Nick Briz, Renan de Cillo, Lynn Kim, Masikago, William Brown, Mauricio Chades, Letizia Balzi, Brian den Hartog, Amanda Devulsky, Jialiang Liu, Bas Jansen, Miriam Ross, Lucas Gervilla, Enzo Lauria, Filipe Gontijo and Henrique Siqueira, Felix Pauschinger, Henrique Roscoe, Nicholas O'Brien, Galactic Cafe, Kim Laughton, Hoyt Hoy, Alexandra Anikina, Tanja Vujinovic, Brigitta Ziks, Martin Jarmick, Andrew Shcherbak and Arthur Kazakov, Sébastien Labrunie, Molleindustria, Fernando Velazquez, Pink Kong Studios.

Besides the Screen takes place at the Federal University of Espírito Santo (9-12 Sep) and the São Paulo Museum of Image and Sound (14-15 Sep), Brazil. Follow the event on ~~social networks at and @besidesthescrn.






Besides the Screen 2019: Graphic Intelligences & Algorithmic Fictions

A conference about all things GPU
Vitória and São Paulo, Brazil, 09-13 September 2019

Call for papers, artworks and other contributions
Submission deadline: 08 May 2019

The ninth edition of the Besides the Screen conference takes the economic and cultural centrality of digital video processing as the point of departure to explore the reconfiguration of audiovisual systems and the emergence of new media practices and politics. We invite abstracts for papers, workshops, single/multi-channel artworks, audiovisual performances, installations pieces, and/or panels that explore all things GPU, covering topics such as:

- Procedural cinema, virtual/augmented/mixed reality, and videogames;
- Audiovisual media's role in processes of reasoning and cognition;
- Logic and applications of computer vision;
- Special effects, shaders, and new affective assemblages;
- Executable, performative, operational, and real-time images;
- Desktop documentaries, let’s play videos, and other performative appropriations of GUI;
- Probabilistic spaces, frame prediction, and the temporalities of rendering;
- Deep dreaming, deepfakes, and other generative forms based on neural networks;
- Political bias of artificial intelligence and machine learning;
- Cryptocurrency mining and / as infrastructural detours of GPUs.

Submissions of individual papers, panels and lectures should include an abstract of about 250 words and a short biographical note (150 words). Artwork, demo and installation proposals should include a short description/ synopsis (250 words), links to available documentation (videos / pictures / drafts), a complete list of technical requirements, and short biographical note (150 words).

Proposals must be submitted by 08 May 2019 to the address with the subject heading 2019 CONFERENCE PROPOSAL.

We strongly encourage submissions from early career researchers and research-practitioners. Participants will not be charged a registration fee.

* * *

Besides the Screen is an international research network on the subject of experimental audiovisual media. It aims to reconfigure the field of screen studies by refocusing it on the seemingly secondary objects, processes, and practices that exist within cinema. Besides the Screen also means to promote an open and horizontal academic environment, favouring practice-based approaches to research and artist collaborations. Information about the previous conferences can be found at