Nihon senzen eigaron: Eiga riron o saihakken suru/ シンポジウム「日本戦前映画論―映画理論を再発見する」

Tokyo, 14. July 2018.

A Symposium

The publication of Nihon sense eiga ronshu: Eiga riron no saihakken (Rediscovering Japanese Film Theory: An Anthology) by Yumani Shobo, the first anthology devoted to Japanese film theory and thought, arguably marks a significant milestone in the rethinking of Japanese film studies and the history of world film theory.

Waseda University will be holding a symposium to discuss the project and its significance featuring the anthology's three editors: Aaron Gerow (Yale University), Iwamoto Kenji (Waseda University), and Markus Nornes (University of Michigan). All are welcome to attend, but the symposium will be conducted in Japanese.

Time: 15:00-17:30, July 14, 2018
Place: Okuma Tower B1, Waseda University