Navigating the Abundance: Curation and Programming in the Age of Relocated Cinema

St Andrews, UK, 14. February 2018.

Workshop for faculty, postgraduate and honors students interested in festival programming and navigation

February 14, 2018 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Seminar room 5, Arts Building. 1- 4 pm.
University of St Andrews, The Scores, St Andrews

Nowadays. films are more accessible than ever before. Yet only a fraction of what is available is seen and experienced. The viewing choices of many are poorer than ever; viewers are at a loss in finding quality material. Often ‘content’ of dubious aesthetic quality is being pushed at the ‘users’ by the ‘platform’. In such situation, cinephile academics and public intellectuals may need to assist the navigation.

This workshop will propose that the main task of curating nowadays is to navigate (over-)abundance. It will position the practice of curation as a tool of unveiling unseen cinema in the age of overabundance. What navigation practices do we need to ensure the discovery of available but little seen film material?  We will explore how curating differs from other models prevalent in our digitally networked culture: recommendation by algorithm (Amazon, Netflix) and database retrieval. How can we create and protect spaces of discovery and unexpected encounters? How do we facilitate chance and openness?


Malte Hagener, Professor, Institute of Media Studies, Phillips University of Marburg, Germany/

Dina Iordanova, Professor of Global Cinema and Creative Cultures, IGCCC, University of St Andrews, UK.

Sarah Smyth, marketing and programming director of festivals in Ireland. University of St Andrews, UK.

Azize Tan, Artistic director of the Istanbul International Festival. Consultant/Baska Cinema. Turkey.

Dina Iordanova

Professor of Global Cinema and Creative Cultures
Director, IGCCC; Director of Research, Film Studies
University of St Andrews
Scotland, UK