Changing the rules of the game? An interdisciplinary symposium examining the relationship between sport and media

Loughborough, UK, 16.-17. May 2018

The Centre for Research in Communication and Culture at Loughborough University will be hosting a two-day symposium examining the relationship between sport and media on 16th and 17th May, 2018. Keynote talks will be given by Kirsten Frandsen (Aarhus), Michal Silk (Bournemouth) and Richard Haynes (Stirling). The full programe is listed below. For further information please contact, Michael Skey,

     Wednesday 16th May 2018
1000-1130    Welcome / Panel 1: Media, memory and identity
1130-1145    Break
1145-1300    Panel 2: Sociability and social media
1300-1345    Lunch
1345-1515    Panel 3: Diversity and ethics
1515-1530    Break
1530-1630    Keynote: Kirsten Frandsen
     Thursday 17th May 2018
0900-1030    Panel 4 : Sports management, rights and regulations
1030-1100    Break
1100-1230    Panel 5: Gender
1230-1315    Lunch
1315-1430    Panel 6: Events, rights and regulations
1430-1445    Break
1445-1615    Roundtable: Michael Silk / Richard Haynes

Panel 1: Media, memory and identity

Media, Memory and Sporting Mega-Events
Jack Black, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
The formation of Sports Heroes: Mythology and National Identity. Keith Parry, Western Sydney University, Australia
Football Fanbassadors and Tropes about Irishness: The Boys in Green at Euro 2016
Neil O’Boyle & Colm Kearns, Dublin City University, Republic of Ireland

Panel 2: Sociability and Social media

Visual Communication, Meaning Making, and Sense of Communality in Recreational Sports
Veera Ehrlén, University of Jyväskylä, Finland   Football Consumption, Authenticity and the ‘immediatisation’ of Everyday Life
Chris Stone, Liverpool Hope University, UK
Ciarán Ryan, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Republic of Ireland
‘A Couple of These Videos is All You Really Needed to Get Pumped to Skate’: Re-Viewing sports media as an act of subcultural nostalgia Thomas Thurnell-Read, Loughborough University, UK

Panel 3: Diversity and Ethics

Football, Concussion and the cultural representation of dementia
Dominic Malcolm, Loughborough University, UK
Is there a (moral / ethical) ‘spirit of cricket’(SoC)?: exploring the roles of global governance, television deals and elite player behaviour in the Marylebone Cricket Club SoC lecture and ‘sandpapergate’
Neil Washbourne, Leeds Beckett University, UK
Colin Kaepernick and Black Athlete Activism in the US: How New Media is Changing the Game Again
Irene Blum, Isabel Awad, Jacco van Sterkenburg,  Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Football, racism and social media
Daniel Kilvington, Leeds Beckett University, UK

Panel 4: Sports management, rights and regulations

Unauthorised Streaming of Premier League Football: Are injunctions against ISP’s an effective and legitimate solution?
Steve Greenfield, Westminster University, UK
A Netflix of Sport? The Evolution of the Sports Media Rights Market Paul Smith, DeMontford University, UK
Sports executives strategies for managing communication.
Tracie Edmondsen,  Charles Sturt University, New South Wales, Australia.

Panel 5: Gender

‘Smart, clued-in guys’: Irish Rugby Players as Sporting Celebrities in Austerity Ireland
Marcus Free, University of Limerick, Republic of Ireland   “On me bed, son”: The (Re)presentation of (emphasised) femininity in English
‘tabloid’ newspaper coverage of Euro 2016
Roger Domeneghetti, Northumbria University, UK
Female athletes as sportsmen - The role of femininity and fame in the narrative identity of athletes
Csatári Flóra Dóra, Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary

Panel 6: Events, rights and regulation

ESPN Public Editor: Holding the sports worldwide leader to account
Xavier Ramon-Vegas, Pompeu Fabra University, Spain
José-Luis Rojas-Torrijos, University of Seville, Spain
Who ate all the pies?: Piegate, Gambling, and Football Culture
Jonathan Cable, University of Gloucestershire
Media, Sports and the Production of National Identity in Qatar.
Noureddine Miladi, Qatar University, Qatar