London, 13.-15. September 2017

Tickets are now available for the TRANS TV conference, taking place at the University of Westminster from the 13th to the 15th of September.

Tickets are 100£ full registration, and 50£ for students and underemployed, and include the first evening and tow full days of the conference including catering.

The description, instructions on registering via the Eventbrite and provisional programme are below.




Conference Eventbrite:


Please note the dinner is at this stage limited to conference speakers.



Trans TV Programme



v Transformations in Television Industries

v Transformations of Television Consumption Practices

v Transformation of Televisual Narratives and Identities

v 21st Century Transnational and Transmedia Television Practices

Organised by:

Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media (CREAM)

Communication & Media Research Institute (CAMRI)

Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design

13-15 September 2017

Conference Convenor: Dr Michael N. Goddard

Organising Committee: Dr Michael Goddard, Dr Christopher Hogg, Jane Thorburn, Dr Paul Dwyer, Ged Maguire, Robert Benfield, Simon Passmore


University of Westminster

309 Regent Street
London W1B 2HW

T: +44 (0) 20 7911 5000


WEDNESDAY 13 September 2017 – Cayley Room


Conference Opening & Screening:

Keynote 1 – Professor Amanda Lotz (University of Michigan): Evolution or Revolution? Television in Transformation



THURSDAY 14 September 2017


Registration and Tea & Coffee – Cayley Room




Cayley Room

Plenary Session: The Uses of Binge-Watching: From Netflix to Napflix

Chair:  TBA

Dr Mareike Jenner (Anglia Ruskin University)Binge-watching, Netflix, and the New TV

Dr Tanya Horeck (Anglia Ruskin University)‘Welcome to Your Tape’ or Why it’s Important to
Theorize the Relationship between Binge-Watching and Violence in 13 Reasons Why

Dr Tina Kendall (Anglia Ruskin University)Binge-Watching and Boring Entertainment: Television's Ambient Turn


Parallel Panels:  Session 1

Panel 1a:  Transgender and Queer Representations
Cayley Room

Chair:  TBA

Dr Stéfany Boisvert (McGill University)“Queering” TV One Character at a Time: How Audiences Respond to Gender Diversity in the Era of Trans TV

Dr Xiaoyan He (Southwest University/University  of Westminster)LGBT Figures: Interaction between Character, Commerce and Culture

Prof Joke Hermes (University of Amsterdam)Triple Trans Television: RuPaul’s Drag Race and New Ideological Inscriptions of Television as a Medium at the Crossroads of the Politics of Gender, Sexuality and Reality Television Considered as a ‘Post-Television’ Genre

Panel 1b:  Trans TV Audiences: Binge Viewing and Reaction Videos

Room UG.04

Chair:  TBA

Prof Caroline Bainbridge (University of Roehampton) Boxset Mind-set: Psychoanalysis, Binge Watching and the Politics of Gender

Dr Deborah Castro (University of Madeira)
B-WATCH: An Interdisciplinary Approach toward Analyzing Binge Watching

Dr Odul A. Gursimsek (Independent Scholar)Framing Reaction as Self-Documentation: A Multimodal Semiotic Approach to YouTube Reaction Videos

Panel 1c:  Trans TV Industries: Netflix, Streaming and Affect

Room UG.05

Chair:  TBA

Prof Lothar Mikos (Filmuniversität Babelsburg)Netflix – Original Content and Audience Practices

Dr Michael L Wayne (Ben Guiron University)Netflix, Amazon, and the Future of Branded Television Content in Portal-Based SVOD Ecosystems

Bärbel Göbel-Stolz (Karlshochschule, Germany) - Television’s Audience-Industry Relationship and the Circuit-of-Affect


Lunch – Cayley Room


Parallel Panels:  Session 2

Panel 2a:  Trans TV Representations: Gender and Feminist Approaches

Cayley Room

Chair:  TBA

Dr Janet McCabe (Birkbeck, Univeristy of London)Disconnected TV Heroines, Global Femininities: Bron/Broen (The Bridge) and some notes for a transnational feminist TV Studies

Dr Rania Kosmidou (University of Salford)Game of Thrones and the
Unbearable Persistence of the Male Gaze

Theresa Trimmel (University of Sussex) The Creative Voice in Girls and UnReal: Female Authorship and Agency on Contemporary US Television

Panel 2b:  Trans TV Audiences 2 – Netflix and Beyond

Room UG.04

Chair:  TBA

Dr Vivi Theodoropoulou (Cyprus University of Technology)Changing Industrial
Practices and Modes of Post-Television Consumption, Netflix, and Users’ Agency: ‘From Watching to Being Watched’?

Orcun Can (Istanbul Bilgi University) – Making Sense of TV Audiences in the Post-TV Era

Sofia Rios (Monash University & Alexa Scarlata (University of Melbourne)Netflix and Stan and Blim – Oh My!

Panel 2c:  Industries, Platforms, Schedules

Room UG.05

Chair:  TBA

Ming-Yi Tu (Shih Hsin University)A Preliminary Research on the Taiwan OTT TV Industry

Dr Tom Evens (Ghent UniversityThe Structural Power of Television Distribution Platforms: Who Will Win the Battle?

Dr Dejan JontesTelevision Transformations on the periphery: Fragmentation, Gender and Role of the Schedule


Tea & Coffee Break – Cayley Room


Parallel Panels: Session 3

Panel 3a:  Complex Narratives and Art TV

Cayley Room

Chair:  TBA

Dr Luisa Magalhães (Catholic University of Portugal, Braga)New Modes of Narrative Complexity in Comedy and Drama Series

Henrik Hoejer (Aarhus University)The Art-TV Turn in the Post-Network Era

Kristina Graour (University of Cape Town)Between Industry and Art: The
Tension between Contingency and Purpose in the Narratives of Contemporary Television Series

Panel 3b:  Skam, Multi-Platform TV and Teen Audiences

Room UG.04

Chair:  TBA

Silvia Murillo (University of Zaragoza)The New Post‐Television: SKAM (2015‐2017), an Unprecedented Format for an Unprecedented Generation

Dr Gry C Rustad (University of Oslo)The
Norwegian Teen Web-Series Skam and the “future of television?”: Teens, Screens and Distributional Aesthetics

Eva N. Redvall (University of Copenhagen)Stories should end before the attention span of the audience does: Developing short webisode serials for young Danish audiences

Panel 3c:  Trans TV Formats

Room UG.05

Chair:  TBA

Audrey Bélanger (UQAM) – 
Adaptation, re-creation,
remake or format: overview to develop a comprehensive theory

Dr Pierre Barrette (UQAM) – La Voix, or The Voice reinvented as glocal success

Prof Xiaochun Chen (Southwest University)The Predicament of Copyright in the Format Transformation of the TV Industry


Cayley Room

Keynote Speaker 2: Professor Matt Hills (University of Huddersfield)

Multi-Discursive Fandom, Netflix, and Fan Responses to Black Mirror in the Era of ‘Trans TV’


Dinner at Ponti’s Italian Kitchen




FRIDAY 15 September 2017


Welcome Tea & Coffee – Cayley Room


Parallel Panels:  Session 4

Panel 4a:  Trans TV Complex Narratives: Art TV, Telefantasy and Cult

Cayley Room

Chair:  TBA

Dr Craig Haslop (University of Liverpool) – From
Terrestrial to VOD: Tracing Queerness in the Industrial Transformation of Cult

Andrew Lynch (University of Melbourne) – Westworld and the new frontier of Prestige-Telefantasy

Dr Helle Kannik Haastrup (University of Copenhagen)–  The Return of Art TV:
Westworld, Mind-game Narrative and Transmedia Storytelling

Andreas Halskov (Aarhus University) – ‘That gum you like is coming back in (a different) style’: The Changing Transmedial World of Twin Peaks


Panel 4b:  (Post)-Television Ecosystems and Everyday Life

Room UG.04

Chair:  TBA

Dr Catherine Johnson (University of Nottingham) –
Defining Television in an Online Video Ecosystem

Alexa Scarlata (University of Melbourne) – A Light Touch? Producing for SVOD in Australia

Dr Rhiannon Bury (Athabasca University) –
Television 2.0, Sociality and Everyday Life

Dr Max Sexton (University of Surrey) – How Secular Magic Offers an Immersive Experience on (Post) Television

Panel 4c:  Technological and Pedagogical
Discourse and Practices

Room UG.05

Chair:  TBA

Prof Yin Le (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) – From Watching to Performance: Live Video Streaming in China

Dr Christine Becker (University of Notre Dame) - Evaluations of British Television Series by American TV Critics


Prof Zhong Ping Xiang (Zhejiang University) &
Yu He (Fudan University) –
An Investigation of a Transformation of Teaching Television

Dr Richard Edwards &
Dr Shannon Clute –
Binging on Learning: Exploring Fan Culture, Social Engagement, and Digital Education in Turner Classic Movies and Ball State University’s Free Online Courses


Tea & Coffee Break – Cayley Room


Parallel Panels:  Session 5

Panel 5a:  Trans TV Representations: Television Aesthetics and Politics

Cayley Room

Chair:  TBA

Dr Holly Gale Millette (Independent Scholar) Pearls of Wisdom: Haunted Objects, Meta-theatrical Pedagogy, and Trans History in Transparent

Anamarija Horvat (Nothumbria University) – Streaming Privileges: Presenting Intersectionality in Amazon’s Transparent

Dr Vassilis Vamvakas (University of Tessaloniki) & Dimitra Karantzeni (University of Thessaloniki) – From the Idealization to the Demonization of Politics:  Depictions of Political Power in The West Wing and House of Cards

Panel 5b:  Transnational Television Flows, Practices and Consumption

Room UG.04

Chair:  TBA

Ritika Pant (Jawaharlal Nehru University)Global, Post-Global, Neo-Global: Mapping Indian ‘Tele’-Visual Geography through a Transnational Lens

Francesca Sobande (University of Dundee)Transnational Black Post-Televisual Perspectives Online

Anna Podara (Aristotle University), Dr Theodora Maniou (Frederick University), & Dr George Kalliris (Aristotle University) –

Transformations of Television Consumption Practices: A Comparative Analysis of Greek and Cypriot Digital Natives

Panel 5c:  Social TV and Social Media

Room UG.05

Chair:  TBA

Dr Niki Strange (Royal Holloway)Making Television Social:  “It’s got 99% of the DNA of producing for TV but it’s that 1% that can make all the difference”

Prof James Bennett (Royal Holloway)Making Social Media Television: “Twitter is the world’s biggest sofa”

Dr Christine Singer (SOAS, University of London)  – Transforming Television Audiences in the Age of Social Media: The Reception of the South African Edutainment Programme Intersexions on Twitter


Lunch – Cayley Room


Cayley Room

Keynote Speaker 3:  Professor Jaap Kooijman (University of Amsterdam)

“You Know I’m Gay, Right?”: LGBT+ Visibility from Network Television to Netflix


Tea & Coffee Break – Cayley Room


Cayley Room

Industry and Academic Round Table - TBA

Chair: TBA


Cayley Room

Final discussion & Dissemination Plans

Chair: TBA


Queen Adelaide Pub, Cambridge Heath – Music/Video: Histories, Aesthetics, Politics book launch and conference party

483 Hackney Rd, London E2 9ED




Dr Michael N. Goddard

Reader in Film, Television and Moving Image

School of Media, Arts and Design (WSMAD)

University of Westminster


Convenor of the TRANS TV conference, University of Westminster, September 13-15, 2017

Author of Guerrilla Networks, forthcoming from Amsterdam University Press

Co-editor of Music/Video: Histories, Aesthetics, Media,  Bloomsbury Academic, August, 2017