Social Media and Politics Symposium

Belfast, UK, 3. June 2016.

The Arts and Humanities Research Institute (Ulster University) and
The School of Creative Arts & Technologies at the Faculty of Arts (Ulster University) present:

*Social Media and Politics Symposium*

3 June at the Belfast Campus, Ulster University. York Street Room: BA 02 012 at 14:00

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Attendance is free and open to all. Please contact organizers for further information.

Please do pass on to colleagues, undergraduate and graduate students, media activists, citizen journalists, and anybody who may be interested in the intersections between political activism, social media, and politics, and how emerging resistant forms of media respond to and disrupt anti-democratic practices, and discourses of global capitalism. This symposium examines the use of social media as a means of radical and alternative mobilization worldwide towards consumerism, anti-democratic repression, and effects of globalization. The use of social media as a network, mobile and decentralized method of mobilization from below is the central theme of the symposium. The similarity and difference between social media mobilization in different countries are compared and contrasted with Occupy movements in USA, Egypt, Ukraine, Turkey, and Hong Kong. The symposium is a first step towards the creation of a research network, a joint research project, and an edited volume on the subject.

This conference is free, but booking is essential:

Symposium Date/Time: 3 June 2016 Friday 14:00-18:00

Programme Overview/Panellists:

14.00 – 14:30 Introduction/Opening Remarks

*Prof. Jan Jedrzejewski* (Dean, Faculty of Arts, Ulster University)

*Prof. Frank Lyons* (Director, Arts and Humanities Research Institute, Ulster University)

*Prof. Paul Moore* (Head of School of Creative Arts & Technologies, Ulster University)

*Dr. Murat Akser* (Ulster University) “Social Media, Politics and Activism”

14.30 – 16.00 *Panel 1: Social Media and Politics Across the Globe *(Chaired by Dr. Brian Bridges, Ulster University)

*Paul Reilly* (University of Sheffield) “YouTube, sousveillance, and the policing of the 2013 union flag protests in Northern Ireland.”

*Fatima El-Issawi* (University of Essex) “Towards an ‘alternative’ public space? A Moroccan case study“

*Anastasia Denisova* (Manchester Metropolitan University) “Online memes as the means of carnivalesque resistance and political deliberation in Russian social networks”

*Sally Chen* (University of Sussex) “Social media as an arena for negotiation with the authorities and with the self: understanding online and offline protests in China”

16.00 – 16.15 Tea/Coffee Break

16.15 – 17.45 Panel 2: *Social Media and Citizenship* (Chaired by Dr. Victoria McCollum, Ulster University)

*Lina Dencik* (Cardiff University) “Social media, ‘authenticity’ and political form”

*Joss Hands* (Newcastle University) “’Try again. Fail again. Fail better’: Events, fidelity and the interstices of digital platforms”

*Daniel Trottier* (Erasmus University) “Scandal-mining: assessing the big data electoral landscape”

*Olga Goriunova* (Royal Holloway, University of London) “Data subjects”

5.45 – 6.00 Summary & Closing Remarks

*Sponsored by:*
Arts and Humanities Research Institute, Ulster University

*With additional support from:*
School of Creative Arts & Technologies, Ulster University

Faculty of Arts, Ulster University

*Many thanks to Symposium Team at Ulster University:*

Dr. Thomas Maguire (Creative Arts Cluster Coordinator)
Sinead Grant (AHRI Admin)
Dr. Briand Bridges (Panel chair, Lecturer in Creative Technologies)
Dr. Victoria McCollum (Panel chair, Lecturer in Cinematic Arts)
Prof. Paul Moore (Head of School of Creative Arts & Technologies)
Prof. Frank Lyons (Director, Arts and Humanities Research Institute)
Prof. Jan Jedrzejewski (Dean, Faculty of Arts)

For inquiries please contact:

Murat Akser
Lecturer in Cinematic Arts
Ulster University
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