Contemporary perspectives on the city: screen media & dwelling

Contemporary perspectives on the city: screen media & dwelling

Milan, Italy, 17.-18. June 2014

The contemporary city represents a new context of experimentation in terms of languages of communication, aesthetics and media consumption. The most immediate result is a new sense of place, fed and inspired by a massive presence of screen media. Sentient city and Screencity are just some of the most recent formulations attempting to tackle the emerging trends taking place in the contemporary urban environment. Intercepting the research of media studies, (media) architecture, (post-)cinema studies, aesthetics, semiotics of space and philosophy, the workshop invites to focus on the multifaceted perspectives on the contemporary city. Moving images are presented quite ubiquitously by means of diverse devices, such as media-façades, media-buildings, mobile screen media, smartphones, etc. In this sense, the city is to be intended both as a text itself and as the place of the embodied experience. This highlights on the one hand the need of critical understanding of contemporary culture and politics as saturated by media technologies; on the other hand, the crucial role of the individual in his/her phenomenological dimension is underscored.

Dwelling can be considered as a key-concept to interpret these phenomena: it represents an existential act that shapes the world according to the instances of human subjectivity. At the same time the presence of the subject himself is redefined by the constant intervention of screen media, which produce virtual spaces implying the intervention of the individual involved in a permanent (de)territorialization.

This workshop aims to highlight the topic from different disciplinary angles which might include:
•  Film philosophy (images of city, city of images)•
•  Phenomenology (the relationship between space and the active body as intentional source of its constitution; processes that involve directly the notion of territory)
•  Aesthetics (new sensibilities leaded by media opening other spaces of dwelling)
•  New media and architecture (media building, outdoor projection, video mapping etc)
•  Political ontology (the urban dimension as a projection of social order)

Doctoral candidates and early-career researchers are invited to submit proposals for contributions addressing these and related topics, including, but not limited to:
•  Reconstruction of mediascape in the age of the screencity;
•  Media-building (communication strategies and techniques in the architectural field)
•  Media/Visual practices of dwelling
•  Visual phenomenology of urban space
•  Practices of the territory (territorialization, deterritorialization through media)
•  Corporeity (embodiment, perception and interaction processes throughout the city)
•  Mobile screen media practices in the urban environment
•  Experimental film screenings, live audiovisual events, audio/video performance in the city
•  Urban activism (new media practices, hackerism, etc)

Submissions deadline: 28th February 2014

Please address abstracts (300-500 words) along with institutional affiliation and brief biographical note to:

Notification will follow shortly thereafter. The conference language is English. Participants will need to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses. Travel information as well as a list of affordable hotels and other accommodation will be provided. Workshop attendance is free, but valid NECS-membership is required to participate.

Participants must register with NECS at and pay their fee by June 1st.

NECS Graduate Workshop Organizers:
Miriam De Rosa, Giancarlo Grossi (Catholic University of Sacred Heart, Milan), Alena Strohmaier, (Philipps-University Marburg)

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