Workgroup: Film Animal Studies

Film Animal Studies

led by Marta Stańczyk, Michał Matuszewski, Patrycja Chuszcz

Research Area:

  • Film theory
  • Film & philosophy
  • Narratology
  • Film analysis
  • Film historiography
  • Audience & reception studies
  • Experimental / Avantgarde / Underground
  • Documentary / newsreel
  • Industrial film / advertising film
  • Film & anthropology / ethnology

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last active on 03-03-2023

This workgroup brings together researchers who are interested in film animal studies. We focus on non-human modes of existence, especially animal and animality, in relation to the cinema and audiovisual media. In a frame of an interdisciplinary group, we approach those issues from different perspectives of film history and theory, production and distribution studies, as well as contemporary critical animal studies.  


These topics/approaches might include but are not limited to: 

  • animals and animality in mainstream, artistic, experimental, and documentary cinema 
  • animals and animality in film adaptations 
  • anthropomorphization of non-human animals in cinema and media 
  • zoocentric perspective and animal biographies in film 
  • animals as film actors 
  • cinema made by animals  
  • advertisements with animals, shockvertising 
  • activist film production 


Finally, this workgroup aims to provide a platform for networking, open discussion, exchange of ideas and information about our research and collaboration on seminars, panels and projects that are related to animal studies in cinema and media. We hope that the creation of this group will increase the importance of the issues we are investigating within and beyond the NECS.


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