Workgroup: Space and Place

Space and Place

led by Dr Conn Holohan, Dr Louise Radinger

Research Area:

  • National cinema
  • Transnational cinema
  • World cinema
  • Film theory
  • Gender studies
  • Queer studies
  • Film & philosophy
  • Film & history
  • Film & architecture
  • Audience & reception studies
  • Local cinema going
  • Economics
  • Film & politics
  • Experimental / Avantgarde / Underground
  • Amateur film
  • Documentary / newsreel
  • Industrial film / advertising film
  • Early cinema / Pre-Cinema
  • Sound studies
  • Television studies
  • Digital media studies

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last active on 24-01-2023

This workgroup brings together cinema/media scholars interested in issues of space and place, broadly conceived, or whose work is informed by spatial or geographical approaches and theories. These topics/approaches might include, but are not limited to:


·      Architecture

·      Cities and urban cultures

·      Digital space

·      Domestic space: housing and the home

·      Film and television studios

·      Gender/sexuality and space

·      Geographies of cinema/media production, distribution, exhibition, reception

·      Infrastructure

·      Maps and mapping

·      Mise-en-scene and production design

·      Landscape, environment, and rural space

·      Location shooting

·      Planning and urbanism

·      Public screens

·      Race/ethnicity and space

·      Representations of space and place

·      Sound space

·      Spaces of exhibition

·      Spatial theory

·      Territories, borders, migration


And if your work does not feature in this list but you think it might fit, it probably does! All welcome!

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·      Become part of a network of researchers working on space and place

·      Receive regular updates on related CFPs, conferences, and events

·      Have a dedicated message board to share information with researchers in the field

·      Have the chance to organize NECS panels with workgroup members

·      Be invited to an annual meeting at the NECS conference

The NECS Space and Place workgroup aims to strengthen the connection of researchers at the European level but is also affiliated with the Urbanism, Geography and Architecture Scholarly Interest Group of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) and forms part of a wider initiative to build relationships between researchers in this field globally.

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