Workgroup: Sound and Music in Media

Sound and Music in Media

led by Dr. Nessa Johnston, Dr. Maurizio Corbella

Research Area:

  • Sound studies
  • Film music
  • Television studies
  • Digital media studies

92 members, 76 posts, 11 documents
last active on 22-06-2022

The work group is intended to bring together people with a shared research interest in media, sound and music, and to establish lasting contacts between them. Further activities could include:

  • The production, as a collaborative effort, of a (multilingual) bibliography on media, sound and music which is frequently updated.
  • The sharing of relevant calls for papers, panel proposals etc.
  • Encouragement to collaborate on relevant topics of shared interest.

Finally the aim of the establishment of this work group is to anchor the study of sound and music within NECS, where it belongs and where it deserves an official and lasting place.


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