Workgroup: Documentary Film

Documentary Film

led by Dr. Aida Vallejo, Dr. Maria Luna

Research Area:

  • Documentary / newsreel

196 members, 76 posts, 14 documents
last active on 10-10-2021

This group brings together scholars working on the field of documentary film (in the wide sense of the term, also labelled as non-fiction cinema). It aims to create a space for exchange of both theoretical and practical approaches to the genre and its various areas of study:

- Documentary Film Aesthetics (trends, sub-genres,...)
- Narrative Structure and Rhetoric of Documentary Film
- History of Documentary Film
- Documentary Film Traditions / Schools
- Documentary Film Festivals
- Non-fiction as Avant-garde
- Documentary Production/Distribution Industry
- Independent Cinema and Documentary
- Anthropology / Sociology and Documentary
- Television vs Cinema in the Documentary Field

Any member of NECS working on these fields (or just interested in this rich area of film studies) is invited to join.

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