Workgroup: Extended Cinema

Extended Cinema

led by Dr. Maud Ceuterick, Dr. Kata Szita, Dr. Michał Pabiś-Orzeszyna

Research Area:

  • Intermediality
  • Film & video art
  • Audience & reception studies
  • Experimental / Avantgarde / Underground
  • Film technology
  • Digital media studies

22 members, 5 posts, 2 documents
last active on 24-06-2022

The workgroup gathers scholars at the intersection of cinema and extended reality studies. It aims to share information about forthcoming events and publication opportunities and facilitate discussions regarding theory, methods, and media technology. 

 Research areas: 

  • Extended reality (XR) technology: virtual, augmented, and mixed reality 

  • Practices and habits of XR use 

  • Cinematic VR and 360-degree video content 

  • Storytelling in 360 degrees 

  • XR production culture

  • VR documentaries 

  • Film festivals and VR 

  • Virtual cinemas 

  • XR aesthetics 

  • User experiences 

  • Embodied experiences

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