Workgroup: Filmmakers on film

Filmmakers on film

led by PhD Maria do Rosário Lupi Bello, Manuela Penafria

Research Area:

  • Film theory

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last active on 05-03-2020

Led by Maria do Rosário Lupi Bello (Aberta University, Portugal), Manuela Penafria (UBI-University of Beira Interior, Portugal)

Filmmaker’s reflection about their own artwork or about cinema has been constant in the history of the cinematographic art. This workgroup seeks to highlight those reflections bringing them to the center of film’s theory, that is, filmmakers’ thought and poetics is to be placed in dialogue with concepts and themes central to film theory. We intend to rethink film theory having as the main support the thought and poetics of the filmmakers. We propose to extend the concept of “filmmaker”, to cover not only the director, but everyone involved in the filmmaking process with original and stimulating reflections on cinema. Furthermore, we intend to find a balance between bibliographic references from scientific scopus and from interviews, statements or any written texts by the filmmakers themselves. Likewise, filmography is intended to bring a fundamental support to the rethinking of film theory, considering that “filmography” is a broad term since we intend to include both finished and unfinished films. Topics include (but are not limited to) the following:

- methodology (s) for a film theory based on the filmmakers’ thought and poetics

- filmmakers’ concepts that contribute to discuss problems of the film theory

- filmmakers’ conception about the spectator

- the way filmmakers influence each other

- the creative process of the filmmakers

- filmmakers' manifestos

- filmmakers’ contribution to cinema’s theory

- systematization of a filmmaker’s thought and poetics


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