Workgroup: Sustainable Media

Sustainable Media

led by Dr. Judith Keilbach, Dr. Michał Pabiś-Orzeszyna

Research Area:

  • Film & politics

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last active on 07-04-2021

This workgroup brings together researchers who are interested in "green media" and are concerned with the environmental footprint of media production, distribution and storage. 

The production, circulation and archiving of media have a large environmental footprint. They consume a vast amount of energy, create an enormous volume of waste and emit a large quantity of CO2. In the context of society's increasing ecological awareness, however, media industries and institutions produce not only content (films, TV shows, games, festivals, exhibitions etc.) about the environment; over the last few years they also started to address their own environmental impact. In various countries production houses, media guilds, funding agencies and scholarly institutions are developing strategies and best practices for a more sustainable production, distribution and storage of media.

This workgroup aims firstly, at mapping the various ‘green media’ initiatives and policies in different countries and media industries, at exploring their effectiveness and inquiring the challenges that they meet. Secondly, it intends to bring a variety of theories and methods together to develop tools for a critical analysis of media’s environmental footprint as well as of their green initiative and suggested practices.


  • Environmental footprint of media production, distribution and storage
  • Energy consumption of media production, distribution and storage
  • Media industry and carbon emission 
  • Media production and waste
  • Energy requirements of media technologies
  • Economy of obsolescence 
  • Carbon-neutral media production, distribution and storage 
  • Sustainable media labour
  • Ecomedia
  • Media policy and sustainability
  • Sustainability and the funding of media
  • Sustainable media design 
  • Sustainable media archiving 
  • Environmental media studies
  • Sustainable media scholarship

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