Workgroup: Intermediality and Media Philosophy

Intermediality and Media Philosophy

led by PhD Andrea Virginás, Nafiseh Mousavi

Research Area:

  • Intermediality

14 members, 10 posts, 1 document
last active on 09-03-2020

Everyone interested is invited to join. Phenomena of intermediality are overflowing the boundaries of art and literary history, philosophical aesthetics, media archaeology, film studies, and communication theory. Thus they have the capacity to constitute a focus that is intersectional to its core, bridging the gaps between structure and superstructure, or between the materiality of media, their semiotic processes and effects that one may categorize as aesthetic. From the basic concept of “intermediality” to the constantly evolving panorama of analogue, digital and post-digital media a vast field presents itself for systematic analysis, with immense asynchronicites and discrepancies characterizing the various geographical regions and politically defined entities, not to speak of historical evolutions into our anthropocene era.

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