Workgroup: Accented Screens, Language and Translation

Accented Screens, Language and Translation

led by Dr Tessa Dwyer, Dr Charlotte Bosseaux

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last active on 26-01-2020

This workgroup is focused on everything to do with language and linguistic difference, both on and off the screen. Taking a cue from Hamid Naficy's influential concept of 'Accented Cinema', we want to engage with issues of migration and diaspora as they impact on language on screen – both written and spoken – emphasising language as mediation, language hybridity, language as obstacle and as tactic. Additionally, we welcome research that considers accent on screen and linguistic markedness in a variety of contexts as well as studies taking into consideration non-verbal elements including the way emotions are conveyed in translation. We welcome research on screen translation and localisation in many forms – from subtitling and dubbing to fansubbing, voice-over, intertitles, interpreting, re-speaking, audio description and captioning (to name a few). Our remit also extends to the localisation and crowdsourcing practices of Netflix, YouTube and other streaming platforms, and it welcomes work on video gaming, video sharing and social media. 

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