Workgroup: Color in Film and Media

Color in Film and Media

led by Dr. Bregt Lameris, Noemi Daugaard

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last active on 10-12-2018

Color has known an increase in interest in media studies over the past decades. After a period of mere focus on early film, it also opened up to other periods in the history of media. This workgroup aims at clustering scholars in Europe working in this highly interdisciplinary field.

Color opens up a large spectrum of interdisciplinary fields all implied in media studies. Important elements in the investigation of color are history of technology, surfaces and materiality, aesthetics, archival studies and (digital) restoration, perception and affect studies, cognitive psychology, phenomenology, intermediality, identity and power, national and transnational cinema, genre studies, as well as sciences such as chemistry and physics.

This workgroup aims to cluster scholars at necs interested and working in the field of color in media.

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