Workgroup: Transnational Television Industries

Transnational Television Industries

led by Dr. Baerbel Goebel-Stolz

Research Area:

  • Television studies

19 members, 6 posts, 1 document
last active on 01-05-2018

This group seeks to assemble scholars who work in the field of television studies and focus on globalizing, localizing, and internationalizing trends in television trade, production, licensing, and distribution. The study of televisual images has long stepped outside the realm of methodologies used for textual analysis alone, but includes a wide range of scholarly interrogation, including but not limited to texts, audiences, industries, and production. Especially considering the growing interest of power houses such as HBO and Netflix to increase their license and library holdings across national borders, and audiences' increasing ease of access to foreign licensed materials, it is obvious that transnational television industries are a vast and timely study to undertake.

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