Workgroup: Cinema and Contemporary Visual Arts

Cinema and Contemporary Visual Arts

led by dr. Miriam De Rosa, Patricia Nogueira

Research Area:

  • Film & video art

197 members, 72 posts, 14 documents
last active on 29-12-2022

The group intends to provide a platform devoted to the exploration of the relationship between cinema and contemporary visual arts in terms of both representation and exhibition strategies; it also aims at offering a room for theoretical and practice-based discussion.

Among the topics we wish to focus are:

  • gallery films, video installations, exhibited cinema
  • new/screen media, cinema & visual arts
  • aesthetical, conceptual, technical exchanges and encounters among visual arts
  • analog/digital in visual arts
  • cinema and the museum
  • moving images & curation

The workgroup counts on the contribution of NECS members working in these areas, artists, curators, and on anyone interested in the field. It is meant as an open, inclusive platform to share information, foster collaboration, engage in mutual research and creative interests.

Information about on-going exhibits and upcoming events centred on or linked to moving images are welcome in the hope they would stimulate a fruitful exchange among members. If you feel social, you can share this and further information on the CCVA FB group:

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