Forging: Authenticity in the Making

Leiden, Netherlands, 14.-15. March 2014

9th NECS Graduate Workshop
Hosted by Leiden University and Leiden International Short Film Experience

Call for Papers


Nature in Motion: Cinematic Ecologies and Environments

St Andrews, Scotland, 20.-21. February 2014

8th NECS Graduate Workshop
Hosted by the Department of Film Studies, University of St Andrews
20-21 February 2014

Call for Papers


Media Politics - Political Media

Prague, Czech Republic, 20.-22. June 2013

The NECS 2013 Conference 

Film, Media and Cultural Studies have been struggling




What is Meant by What is Meant? Negotiating the Conventions of the Moving Image

Prague, Czech Republic, 18.-19. June 2013

7th NECS Graduate Workshop
Prague, Czech Republic
18-19 June 2013


Moving Images - Imagined Movements: Mobility in/of Film

Vienna, Austria, 28. February - 1. March 2013

6th NECS Graduate Workshop
Hosted by the Department of Theatre-, Film- and Media Studies – University of Vienna
Organized by the NECS Graduate Workshop Committee


Cinematic Scale

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 13.-14. December 2012

5th NECS Graduate Workshop
Amsterdam, Netherlands
13-14 December 2012

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Location: EYE Film Institute Netherlands