Public Transportation

Amsterdam is a well-connected city served by ferries, busses, trams, metro, and trains. Travel between the two main conference venues at the University of Amsterdam in the city center and the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam Zuid takes about 25 minutes by metro via line 51 (between Waterlooplein station and De Boelelaan/VU station), 25-30 minutes via trams 5, 24, and 9 (between the Spui stop[s] and De Boelelaan/VU stop), or around 20-30 minutes by bike.

Tickets for public transportation may be purchased by loading money onto a permanent pass called an Anonymous OV-Chipkaaart, or by buying single tickets. Single tickets are purchasable inside train or metro stations, or from the driver of busses an trams. An anonymous OV-Chipkaart costs around € 7,50 and can be purchased in several locations including at Schiphol Airport and the NS or GVB offices at Amsterdam Central Station. Be sure to both check in and out with your OV-Chipkaart because first the maximum price of a ride is deducted from your card, then when you check out the actual kilometres travelled is used to calculate the real cost, and the remainder is returned to your card. If you do not check out, you will always pay the maximum fare.
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Public transportation schedules are available from the NS train company and NS International, and the GVB website or app (for Apple: , or for Android:

9292 provides an integrated door-to-door travel planner that includes all trains, trams, metro lines, busses, and ferries. The 9292 website or app (for Apple: , or for Android: create personalized directions that incorporate multiple forms of public transportation and update in real time to account for delays.

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