Accommodation in Amsterdam is expensive compared to many other major cities, so starting early and being creative may pay off. While the university does not have any formal relationships or discounts with area hotels, here are a few that university guests have found reliable:

While accommodation is expensive, the city is fortunately very well connected by public transport. So, choosing to stay farther the city center can be an affordable alternative.

The following areas are worth considering:

Amsterdam South (Amsterdam Zuid)
Home of the Vrije Universiteit (venue for many conference activities) and the Amsterdam World Trade Center, this business park and campus area has direct metro and tram connections to the center and is close to Beatrix Park.

Amsterdam North (Amsterdam Noord)
Noord is a residential area on the North bank of the Ij River, just across from Central Station (Amsterdam Centraal). There is a free 3-minute ferry to get to Central Station.
Use these public transport maps to find accommodation near a ferry terminal:

Around Bijlmer ArenA Station
Bijlmer is a mixed commercial area with plenty of shops and restaurants. Total travel time from the station to the city center is about 25 minutes by metro.

A historic small town only 20 minutes from Amsterdam, Haarlem can be a charming alternative to the bustle of Amsterdam’s busy tourist districts.