Pre-Conference Keynote

Lewis Klahr

» June 28th, 19:00, Centre Pompidou, Cinéma 2.

Screening and Q&A: LEWIS KLAHR, SIXTY SIX (2002-2015, 90min.)

Free for NECS conference participants and members (subject to availability; normal tickets 6 euros).

Lewis Klahr, Sixty Six, 2002-20014,vidéo HD, coul., son, 90min. (détail), © Courtesy Lewis Klahr

As part of the NECS Pre-Conference Program, the Centre Pompidou in association with the Université Paris Diderot – Paris 7 and the program UDPN (Usage Des Patrimoines Numérisés) presents the award-winning film Sixty Six (2002–15) by Los Angeles–based artist Lewis Klahr (American, b. 1956).

« Organized in 12 discrete chapters, Sixty Six is a milestone achievement, the culmination of Klahr’s decades-long work in collage filmmaking. With its complex superimpositions of imagery and music, and its range of tones and textures at once alluringly erotic and forebodingly sinister, the film is a hypnotic dream of 1960 and 1970s Pop. Elliptical tales of sunshine noir and classic Greek mythology are inhabited by comic book super heroes and characters from Portuguese foto romans who wander through midcentury modernist Los Angeles architectural photographs and landscapes from period magazines. Sixty Six is the latest, and perhaps most magisterial, entry in Klahr’s open-ended digital series Prolix Satori, in which the artist mines his vast 30-year archive of collage materials. As the historian Tom Gunning observes, “Klahr’s films generate a blend of melancholy and desire from this interplay of grasping and losing, remembering and forgetting.” »


« Throughout Sixty Six, Klahr unleashes a dazzling array of visual ideas, deftly combined with sounds, silence, or music, and all in the service of what he calls the film’s “pop associational mindscape.” »

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