Where can I find the links to the panels, keynote lectures and other events?
All the links to the virtual rooms can be found here. You can consider the virtual rooms as physical environments: so each link corresponds to more than one session. For instance, all the plenary events have the same link; all panels taking place in room 2 have the same link (e.g.: A2, B2, C2, and so on). If you are not sure where the event you are interested in will take place, here you can find the Conference Program with the links to every single event. The links are located below the general scheme (p. 2 of the program), on the title of the keynotes (pages 9-12 on the program), in the events promoted by publishers, in the screening pages, and so on; for parallel sessions, please click on the number of the session you are interested in (e.g.: 1, 2, 3…).

Usually I don’t work with MS Teams, what should I do?
MS Teams is very intuitive to use! You just need to register first. For better use we suggest downloading the app on your computer. To find out how to use and install the program, please visit the official Microsoft Teams’s page. For further instructions, please go to the Conference Program.

How should I organize my presentation?
The presentation should be of 15 minutes, in order to leave enough time for discussion. You can share any kind of material on your computer by using the share function on Teams (please refer to instructions on the Conference Program for this). However, we strongly suggest not to share videos embedded in your presentation. Instead, you can upload them on a streaming platform (e.g.: YouTube, Vimeo, ecc…) and make them available by pasting the link in the chat; otherwise, you can share directly when playing on your video player on your computer, if your connection is fast and stable enough.

How can I see the movies by Kamal Aljafari and Abdellah Taïa?
Screenings links can be found here.

How can I see the special evening events “Cinema as a Country” and “The Sea of Memory”?
These two events will take place in a hybrid mode. Thus, you can come to Palermo and join us at the terrace of the Institut Français inside the Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa, or connect to both Facebook pages of the Sicilia Queer Filmfest or the NECS Conference.

I am a chair – what are my duties?
Chair’s duties are very basic: introducing the panel’s title at the beginning and the panelists’ bio before each presentation; making sure the speaking time is respected; managing the discussion after every panelist has presented their paper. Chairs can mute or unmute attendants’ mic and they are responsible for the panel to run smoothly. Please refer to guidelines at page 8 of the Conference Program on page 8.

How can I make a NECS membership payment?
To renew your membership or become a NECS member, please visit the FAQ section on the NECS website.