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Communication, communication, communication. Be it communication management, intercultural communication, scientific communication and political communication. They communicate them all to you!

Meet the Swiss Publishing House that is taking connectivity to the web and beyond!


The Swiss publishing house Peter Lang specializes in the humanities and social sciences, covering the complete publication spectrum from monographs to student textbooks. In 1970, Peter Lang found the company in Frankfurt am Main. Since then, the publishing house works on over 1,800 academic titles annually, both in print and digital formats, with a backlist of over 55,000 books. Over the years the company spread their operations throughout the world with offices in Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, Swiss, Turkey, USA and Poland. Their media and communications department specializes in the ways communication works like the question why people communicate in the digital and analog world and much more.

Fedderies_ Isolde_4CConnect with Isolde Fedderies

Isolde Fedderies will be present during the NECS Potsdam 2016 conference.

  1. Which digital strategy does your publishing company follow and which part does connectivity – the main topic of the NECS conference – play in your daily work?

This is the reason Peter Lang offers an electronic version with every new title we publish in print: as PDF, ePub and Mobil. We furthermore provide books partitioned into chapters. Of course, we also offer an Open Access publication through Oapen. In doing so, we steer a middle course, publishing a printed version simultaneously. We would like to leave it to the reader, which medium they choose to generate the required content.

Our advertisement and distribution uses digital approaches as well: our titles are included in previews both printed and online and are included in our specialist field newsletters, which we send out to international distributors for book stores, universities, libraries, institutes and academics. Furthermore, we provide all potentially interested customers and journals with digital flyers for each publication. The inclusion of our titles in large international data bases allows potential customers to find, access and purchase books easily. Furthermore, you can find the titles in our own web shop, through online retailer (such as e.g. Amazon), in the specialist book trade, or directly through us or the trade platforms such as iTunes and Kobo20160715_085757.

We register our titles on e-content platforms such as MyiLibrary, EBSCOhost oder ebrary and make sure libraries around the world can access our publishing program. Additionally, we run our constantly updated social media platforms, on which we present our current publications and activities. Our followers on Twitter und Facebook receive the latest information and can share them with their own network – „Connectivity“ evolves into a crucial point for specialist publishers. It has become a standard that you can directly recommend a book referring to the Facebook page of the publisher or the digitally suggest it to your librarian.

In my own daily work, I use all the possible ways of the web to stay informed about recent topics, events, etc. Meetings via Skype provide us with the opportunity to compare notes with colleagues in other locations.

  1. Why and how does your publishing house work in the field of film and media studies?

We perceive the field as a science of the future. The broadness of the topics and the continual developments offer great chances for excellent publications. We aim to introduce readers to the latest trends and debates in the field and to empower media scholars to publish their works internationally to initiate new discussions.28856498

3. Tell us about your own first work as an editor in your publishing career – what can you remember?

My work as an editor started as a replacement for colleagues, covering during sick leave or vacations. I therefore took over projects in different stages of production. I don’t recall a specific project as “my very own first”.

But one volume in media studies is still very present in my memory as I could arrange several reprints. I’m talking about the “Handbuch der Filmdramaturgie” (“Handbook on dramaturgy of film”) by Mrs. Kerstin Stutterheim and Mrs. Silke Kaiser and the following project: “Handbuch Angewandter Dramaturgie” (“Handbook of applied dramatugory”) by Mrs. Kerstin Stutterheim. I entered into a lively dialogue with the author, which eventually carried on to a face-to-face meeting in a restaurant in Potsdam.


Peter Lang at NECS Postdam 2016 Publishers Forum

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