Königshausen & Neumann

Based in the scenic Bavarian region Franconia, Königshausen & Neumann is a publishing house founded by Johannes Königshausen and Thomas Neumann, two academics with an almost 40-year-long passion for great books.

Meet a household name in German humanities!


The publishing house Königshausen & Neumann was founded in 1979 by Johannes Königshausen and Thomas Neumann. They specialize in the field of humanities: from philosophy and literature to psychology, sociology and cultural sciences. As a publisher, Königshausen and Neumann is in the rare situation to still have its own printing house. About 240 newly published titles a year create their growing portfolio, among them a variety of doctoral and habilitation theses. Of special interest for the field of Media Studies is their book series “Film – Medium – Diskurs” , which focusses on different topics such as genre settings or media theories, as well as case studies on groundbreaking directors like Alfred Hitchcock, Lars von Trier or Michael Haneke and much more. Most of their work is published in German.

ThNConnect with Thomas Neumann

Thomas Neumann will be present during the NECS Conference 2016 in Potsdam.

  1. Which digital strategy does your publishing company follow and which part does connectivity – the main topic of the NECS conference – play in your daily work?

Most of our work follows a classical approach – meaning book publications – in the field of humanities. Not just our authors, but our readership values the printed versions of our published works. It is therefore, that we have long approached our distrubition in a classical way. We do notice, however, that digitization increasingly starts to play a larger role. We therefore aim to have a presence on digital platforms – you will find us on Facebook soon.IMG_8203

  1. Why and how does your publishing house work in the field of film and media studies?

It started by coincidence really. We used to receive a few papers on the subject and started to develop an interest. We then also observed the way literature studies slowly turned into media studies. Nowadays, we publish a critical media book series which already includes nearly 80 volumes.

95093. Tell us about your own first work as an editor in your publishing career – what can you remember?
The first project related to media studies in our company was the first volume for our book series “Film – Medium – Diskurs”. It focused on the erotic film and its medial codes of aesthetic, sexuality and violence. For me, it was really exciting, a lot of fun and in addition, well received by our readers. Therefore we continued with other volumes, such as our eighth edition “Porno-Pop – Sex in der Oberflächenwelt” (Sex in a Surface World).



Könighausen & Neumann at NECS Postdam 2016 Publishers Forum

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