Digital Publishers Forum TeamUnder this header, students of the Filmuniversity Babelsberg Konrad Wolf have created a Digital Publishers Forum as part of a seminar on marketing and connectivity.

It is designed to give an overview over the publishers presenting at this year’s NECS Potsdam 2016 conference and their take on the future of digital publishing.


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To understand the way digital culture has shaped today’s publishing market, students of the Filmuniversity Babelsberg Konrad Wolf talked to editors of the publishers attending this year’s NECS Potsdam 2016 conference. What are roles and strategies of publishers amidst the shift from conventional books to the latest guidelines for Open Access publications by the European Union? What role does connectivity – the topic of this year’s conference – play in the relationships and operating cycles of publishing houses these days? And who are the people behind the big names of academic publishing?

Meet the Publishers!

Aside from the editors of the publishing houses present, many more will send books and information brochures to get you up to date with the latest works in academic publishing. Find new books by Berghahn Books, Bertz + Fischer, Gardez! and transcript or browse through the catalogue of ibidem, Manchester University Press, polity, Schüren and State University of New York Press!