From publications by this year’s keynote speaker to some of the strongest titles of American university presses working on film and media – CAP represents them all.

Meet the European distributor for some of the finest books in Film and Media Studies.



Combined Academic Publishers is not publishing house in itself, but the leading sales, marketing and distributing agency for North-American university presses in the European, middle-Asian and African sector (EMEA). Their portfolio of publishing houses include, among others, the representative academic publishers for New York, Illinois, British Columbia, Texas, Washington, Ohio and Stanford. Therefore, the publications encompass different sectors from the humanities to social sciences. In their approach to the field of Media Studies, their focus includes not only American culture but international Film studies as well.


Charlotte AndersonConnect with Charlotte Anderson

Since CAP works as a distributor, not a publishing house and works with different digital strategies, Charlotte Anderson will be present during the NECS Potsdam 2016 conference to answer your general questions on “connectivity” and the digital future of publishing.

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CAP at the NECS Potsdam 2016 Publishers Forum

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