Alexander Verlag

The surreal woodcut of a man skiing on a brain by French artist and filmmaker Roland Topor is the logo of the Berlin-based Alexander Verlag. Yet, it would take the question of a marketing specialist about his upbringing as the child of an artist, stated founder Alexander Wewerka, to understand what his work was truly about.

Meet the publishing house who aims to bring quality back to the future through e-books!


In 1983 Alexander Wewerka founded his own publishing company specialising in theatre and film. Their program features practical workbooks as well as handbooks for acting, drama, auditions, screen writing and film editing. Additionally, the publishing program includes autobiographies and biographies of theatre and film makers, interviews and discussion volumes, plays and theatre programs as well as theatre documentaries for the Volksbühne Berlin, once situated in the GDR and called Germany’s most exciting stage. Also part of Alexander’s portfolio are fictional series of crime novels (since 2002 they publish the “Ross-Thomas-Edition”). All of their works are published not only as hardcovers but also ebooks since 2011.

Alexander Verlag at NECS Potsdam 2016 Publishers Forum

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